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200916 | 'Respect, protect and enjoy' - council leader’s message to tourists

'Respect, protect and enjoy' - council leader’s message to tourists

The leader of Cornwall Council has urged visitors this summer to “respect, protect and enjoy” Cornwall.

Linda Taylor made the comments during her opening remarks at this morning’s (21st) meeting of the council’s Cabinet.

She said that while a lot of restrictions put in place during the pandemic had now been relaxed, she urged people to continue to follow public health guidance.

Cllr Taylor said:

“I want to thank residents of Cornwall for all their efforts for the last 18 months.”

And she added:

“It is vitally important that all of us get vaccinated.”

The Conservative leader also encouraged people to use lateral flow tests regularly where necessary and to use the test and trace system.

She then added:

“Where businesses have requested the use of facemasks we are asking residents and visitors to respect their wishes.”

Earlier this week it was reported that the whole town of St Just had joined together to encourage people visiting shops and businesses there to wear masks.

Cllr Taylor also had a message for holidaymakers coming to Cornwall:

“Those visiting Cornwall this summer, please act responsibly and remember that Covid is not taking a break and neither should you take a break from following the guidance while you are here.”

She urged visitors to “respect, protect and enjoy Cornwall”.

Cllr Taylor’s comments came after Cornwall Council issued guidance for people on Monday – dubbed Freedom Day – when restrictions were eased.

Rachel Wigglesworth, director public health in Cornwall, said:

“We know Covid isn’t going away any time soon and so have a simple request to people as they return to their everyday lives: be responsible and have respect for those around you.

“We would urge everyone to take their time and go at their own pace as we enter this new stage of the roadmap. Covid is still out there, and we all need to use our best judgement, consider the risks and continue to do our bit to help stop the spread.”

She added:

“The vaccine is our key weapon in fighting the virus and I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to get both jabs as soon as they can.

“My final message is to keep testing – the more people who embrace twice-weekly home testing, the more we can slow the spread of the virus by quickly identifying positive cases who must then self-isolate.”

Andy Virr, Cabinet member for public health, added:

“Entering this last stage of the roadmap is clearly a huge deal.

“Over the past 16 months people have had to make significant sacrifices and the pandemic has taken an enormous toll on the economy and people’s physical and mental health.

“To have some semblance of normality back is great for Cornwall and great for the country, but the reality is that Covid is here to stay and we have to learn to live with it.

“Common sense and caution are key – we know how easily Covid-19 spreads among crowds of people, especially indoors, so it’s still worth trying to meet friends and family outdoors if possible, or open windows if you’re getting together inside.

“Keeping your distance from people you don’t know is also a good idea if possible, as is wearing a face covering in supermarkets and shops and when using public transport.

“Washing your hands regularly, and using hand sanitizer, is as important as ever.

“If we can all act responsibly and respectfully, and make sensible choices for ourselves and those around us, we give ourselves the best chance of keeping Covid at bay and avoiding future lockdowns and restrictions.”





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