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9 October at 16:37 Linden Homes Development. 220 Homes behind Penpol School


Linden Homes Development. 220 Homes behind Penpol School.

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Despite being rejected by Hayle and its Town Council at every attempt and backed up by Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee's refusals to give planning permission, Linden Homes Planning Appeal against the first refusal still stands and was getting closer.

NOW though, (possibly because of George Eustice MPs involvement?)
the Secretary of State has intervened and decided that Linden Homes DOES need to provide an EIA Environmental Impact Assesment.

They had claimed they did not need one.

The Secretary of State's Grounds are......

1. Cultural heritage impacts
Adjacent to the boundary of the site is the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, within this and in close proximity to the site lie the remains of a mill complex, rope works and water management system formerly associated with Harvey’s Foundry and designated Scheduled Ancient Monuments. The proposed development may give rise to an adverse impact on the setting of heritage assets by blurring the distinctive separation of two historic foundry towns, Copperhouse and Harvey’s Foundry, causing further merging of these historic areas of settlement, and harm to the significance of highly graded heritage assets.

2. Ecological impact
The site is within 650m of the Hayle Estuary and Carrack Gladdens SSSI and there is the potential for the proposal to cause increased nutrient input to the estuary and to cause an increase in recreational disturbance.

3. Visual impact
The submitted landscape and visual assessment states that there would be some residual visual impacts with an assessed significance of severe / major adverse.

The Linden Homes Planning Appeal cannot go ahead unless they comply and provide an Environmental Impact Assessment.


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