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Advice Given -141010 | PA14/03529/PREAPP Dormer Bungalow - North East Side Of 21 Steamers Hill Angarrack Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JB

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Paul Williams
11 Westwood Park
Caroline Row
TR27 4DS
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21 November 2014
 Dear Williams   
enquiry reference
 Dorma Bungalow
 North East Side Of 21 Steamers Hill Angarrack Hayle Cornwall
 Paul Williams

I refer to your enquiry received on 10 October 2014 concerning the above and would
inform you that this letter is written on the basis of the information supplied with
your enquiry and the submitted drawings.
The advice contained within this response will be based on the level of information
provided with your submission to the Council.


National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2012
Penwith Local Plan (2004)
Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030 - Pre-submission document March


Critical Drainage Area


The application site comprises a Greenfield area of land lying just beyond the eastern
edge of the village at Angarrack.


The site lies at a semi-rural location at the north-eastern edge of the village
boundary and it is considered that the proposed development would represent an
intrusion of residential development into open-countryside outside of the defined
limits of the village. It is highly likely that the introduction of urban development into
this open landscape, with all its associated domestic paraphernalia, will cause
material harm to the character and appearance of this Greenfield site and would set
an undesirable precedent for future development proposals.

Turning to planning policy, Government planning guidance set out in paragraph 55 of
the NPPF advises that local planning authorities should avoid new homes in the
countryside, unless there are special circumstances. Such special circumstances
include the essential need for a rural worker to live permanently at or near their
place of work in the countryside and where development would re-use redundant or
disused buildings and lead to an enhancement to the immediate setting. The above
guidance concurs with policy H-8 of the Penwith Local Plan (2004) and based on the
information provided it is highly unlikely that there are any special circumstances
evident in this particular case that would outweigh the harm identified above.

Turning to emerging policies in the Cornwall Local Plan 2014, policy 3 states that
development, including housing, should be provided in sustainable locations within
towns and villages. Development should clearly relate to part of an established
settlement and not isolated dwellings, such as that proposed in this enquiry.


The site lies on rising ground and that fact combined with the siting and orientation
of the existing dwelling to the south-west is such that there is a strong possibility
that new residential development on the site would have an
overbearing/overshadowing impact on that existing property. Accordingly, any
proposed development would need to be of a scale, design and siting that was
capable of minimising any such impact to a level that was considered acceptable.


The existing access does not offer good visibility to emerging traffic and if the use of
the site were intensified then improvements in terms of clearer access splays are
likely to be required.


The site lies at the edge of the settlement and so it may 'in-principle' be considered
potentially suitable as an exceptions site for affordable housing in accordance with
policy H-15 of the Penwith Local Plan (2004) and policy 9 of the Cornwall Local Plan
Strategic Policies 2010-2030 - Pre-submission document March 2014. However,
notwithstanding the above, the site is not considered to be a sustainable location for
new residential development as a consequence of its location, the poor access to it
and more significantly its prominence in the wider physical landscape, it is considered
that new housing here would have a significant visual impact to the detriment of the
wider open area and would conflict with policy CC-1 of the Penwith Local Plan (2004)
and with paragraphs 7 and 17 of the NPPF which clarify the importance of the
government's commitment to the concept of sustainable development.

Further advice and guidance about what is required for a valid application can be
found on the Council's website. You may wish to consider using the Council's
validation service, details of which are also on the website.
If you decide to take the proposal forward then you may wish to contact Hayle Town
Council and the Divisional Member (John Coombe) in order to establish whether there
would be local support for the proposal.


You should note that this letter does not constitute a formal decision by the Council
(as local planning authority). It is only an officer’s opinion given in good faith, and
without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application. However,
the advice note issues will be considered by the Council as a material consideration in
the determination of future planning related applications, subject to the proviso that
circumstances and information may change or come to light that could alter the
position. It should be noted that the weight given to pre-application advice notes will
decline over time.

Yours sincerely

Phil Brookes
Senior Development Officer
Planning and Enterprise Service
Tel: 01209 614029