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Answers to some queries raised via website on Hayle Shopping Park and Cranford plans


Attendees: Carol Clarke – Angarrack

Russell Clarke – Angarrack

Bill Oakley – Cranford

Peter Sturdy – PCS Consulting

Date: 10 April 2014

Venue: Angarrack Community Centre

Subject: Hayle Shopping Park

  • Discussions related to previous meetings and email correspondence regarding proposals for Hayle Shopping Park and how they relate to the village of Angarrack in particular.

  • Village Gateway Feature: Mrs Clarke said concern had been expressed on the position of the feature. Cranford replied that the position was as currently thought best represented the requirements of residents, but that the final position could still be discussed an agreed. Cranford would happily amend the position of the feature, subject to final agreement from County Highways. Cranford has also offered to lodge a sum of money (amount to be agreed with Cornwall Council) under a s106 Legal Agreement for future traffic calming in the Village as required.

Post meeting note: Cranford will forward a sketch showing an alternative option for the gateway feature as discussed on the day.

  • Footpath on Grist Lane: This has been dictated for the most part by highway safety issues. Concerns were expressed by County Highways that if the footpath was positioned on the far side of the existing hedgerow it may become both a (police) safety problem and a maintenance issue for County Highways, hence the proposed location.

  • Angarrack Fields: Two number fields will be licensed for use by Angarrack Village, with the front field (nearest the development) for Christmas Lights, Summer Fete, etc. The fields are to be maintained as a meadow and the license would not allow for permanent buildings to be constructed. The License would be effectively on the same basis as the existing License for Christmas Lights.

  • Angarrack No Build Buffer: This will be guaranteed via a Legal Covenant on the land transfer between Cranford and Betts Estates (ecologist) who will be responsible for the maintenance of the Nature Reserve in perpetuity. It was also confirmed by Cranford that the “no build” also includes all of the remainder of the Nature Reserve.

Post meeting note: As part of the transfer of land, Cranford will also transfer money to Betts for the future management. Betts have a long history of managing wildlife sites and further information can be found on their website if this is of interest.

  • Staff Parking Area: This issue came up for lengthy discussion when Cranford presented to Hayle Town Council, who suggested that this would be helpful to alleviate some of the existing issues of staff parking on the Industrial Estate. It also includes 10 dedicated spaces for Angarrack residents (which are controlled by locked bollards) plus a further 5 spaces for bird watchers as part of the Nature Reserve proposals. Lighting will be bat friendly and dark sky. A barrier would restrict this area to use by cars only. The staff parking is surrounded by existing mature hedges.

Post meeting note: The location of the staff parking was considered to be the most acceptable place for it given that it will replace the existing lorry park, which will also be decontaminated as part of the proposed development.

  • Footpath along Dismantled Railway: Concern was expressed that the length of the footpath has been shortened. Cranford explained that there were two main reasons for this: 1. The Police Architectural Liaison Officer advised against having a footpath against the rear service yard for safety reasons, and 2. there is an existing badger sett further along the old railway embankment and our ecologists recommended it be avoided. As a result of this, the footpath has been shortened and routed through the proposed development.

  • New Roundabout Access to Retail Park: Cranford explained the new flush paving and additional lanes to be provided on the approach to the roundabout to give increased capacity and in particular a left-only lane into Angarrack. Mrs Clarke said concern had been expressed that the traffic along Marsh Lane would not know when the existing car park was full and suggested an active traffic sign at the entrance to Marsh Lane indicating when car parks were full. Cranford to report back.

Concern was also expressed regarding the second roundabout adjacent to the Industrial Estate, and the ability to cross the roundabout with a large volume of traffic coming out of the new Shopping Park. Cranford will investigate and report back.

  • Elevations: Cranford stated that these have been submitted in full detail as part of the planning application and should therefore be on the Cornwall Council website. Questions were asked about the Debenhams “towers” as previously shown on elevations. Cranford explained that these had been removed following comments from Cornwall’s Design Review Panel. Further changes were made following the Panel meetings including extra seating, the incorporation of rhyenes and to amend materials to blend in with the Cornish vernacular.

Post meeting note: Please let Cranford know if the elevation drawings cannot be located and we will provide them separately.

  • Visual Appearance from Angarrack: Cranford produced drawing no P18 to show how the proposed development sits in relation to existing site levels and Grist Lane. Mr and Mrs Clarke commented that residents had shown some concern over building heights but that the buildings sat lower than initially thought.

  • Removal of Lagoon Previously Shown on Lorry Park: Cranford explained that it was felt that this should be replaced by three new wetland ponds as shown on the current drawings. This helps with the ecological enhancements. Further description was then given by Cranford of the Environment Agency’s current improvement works to the Angarrack River and to the proposals by Cranford to improve the wetland habitat.

  • Bike Parking Spaces: These have been provided on the site along with motorcycle spaces. This can be seen on the Layout Drawing submitted as part of the planning application.

  • Cornishman Article: Mrs Clarke agreed to check further on the Cornishman website for the Thomas/ Bryant article and add to the Angarrack Website.

Post meeting note: Mrs Clarke has confirmed that this point has been actioned.


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