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Approved with conditions | PA18/04517 | Construction of extension and entrance porch to existing dwelling - 13 13A Steamers Hill


Construction of extension and entrance porch to existing dwelling - 13 And 13A Steamers Hill Angarrack Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JB

Ref. No: PA18/04517 | Received date: Mon 14 May 2018 | Status: Approved with conditions | Case Type: Planning Application


DATED: 25  June  2018
Phil Mason
Service Director
Planning and  Sustainable  Development
  1. The development hereby  permitted  shall  be  begun  before the  expiration of    3  years  from  the date  of    this  permission.
    Reason:  In accordance  with the requirements  of    Section  91  of    the  Town  and  Country  Planning  Act  1990  (as amended  by  Section  51  of    the  Planning  and  Compulsory  Purchase  Act 2004).

  2. Before the  first  occupation  of    the  extension  hereby  permitted the window  to west  elevation  as indicated  on the  proposed  mixed  drawing  2563  D02  (As amended);  shall  be fitted  with obscure glazing  and  have  the  opening  restricted  to    no  more  than  200mm.  The  window  shall be  permanently  retained in    that  condition  thereafter.
    Reason:  To protect  the  privacy  of    the occupants of    the nearby dwellings  and  in  accordance  with  paragraph  17 of    the National  Planning  Policy  Framework  2012.

  3. Notwithstanding details shown on  any  approved plans,  surface  water  run-off  from  the development  hereby permitted  shall not drain  to the  sewer,  but  shall  instead  be  disposed  of    via an  infiltration  system  in    accordance with  infiltration  guidance  in BRE  365 or    CIRIA  156 using a 10-year return  period design  standard,  unless otherwise agreed  in writing  by the  Local  Planning  Authority.
    Reason:  To ensure  flood  risk  is   not  increased  elsewhere  in    accordance  with the  aims  and  intentions of    paragraph  100 of the  National  Planning  Policy  Framework  2012.

  4. The development hereby  permitted  shall  be  carried  out  in    accordance with  the  plans  listed  below  under  the heading "Plans  Referred  to in    Consideration  of this  Application".
    Reason:   For the avoidance  of    doubt  and  in    the  interests  of    proper  planning.
Existing 2561  D01 received  14/05/18
Proposed 2561  D02  As  Amended received  14/05/18
Site/location Plan  D01  received 14/05/18


Date Published Document Type Measure Drawing Number Description View
25 Jun 2018 Decision Notice Cannot Measure Document  ACFULZ - CONDITIONAL APPROVAL View Document
25 Jun 2018 Officer Report Cannot Measure Document  DREPORT DELEGATED OFFICER REPORT View Document
05 Jun 2018 Plan - Proposed Mixed Measure Document 2561 D02 - AS AMENDED OBSCURE GLAZING ADDED View Document
23 May 2018 Application Form Cannot Measure Document  FORM FOR TWO DWELLINGS View Document
14 May 2018 Plan - Existing Mixed Measure Document 2561 D01 EXISTING ELEVATIONS AND FLOOR PLANS LOCATION AND BLOCK(1) View Document
14 May 2018 Plan - Site Location Measure Document D01 LOCATION PLAN View Document
14 May 2018 Supporting Information Cannot Measure Document  HOMECHECK CERTIFICATE AND DOCUMENTATION View Document
14 May 2018 Assessment - Flood Risk Cannot Measure Document  FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT WITH MAP View Document
14 May 2018 Bat and Barn Owl Survey Cannot Measure Document  BAT AND BARN OWL STATEMENT (1) View Document