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Asda to build on Hayle South Quay in weeks | This is Cornwall


Asda to build on Hayle South Quay in weeks

Sunday, September 29, 2013
SUPERMARKET giant Asda has this week been officially confirmed as the food store which will be built on South Quay in Hayle.


Next month work will begin on the 50,000sq ft store, which will create up to 200 jobs in the town.

  1. Asda to build on Hayle South Quay in weeks


Construction will take place at the site for 12 months, with the aim of opening the store by the end of 2014.

A spokesman for Asda said: "We are delighted to announce our plans to open a store in Hayle.

"Our new store will provide a full range of Asda products including our popular George clothing range."

Talks have been taking place between the harbour's owners, Dutch firm ING, and Asda for several months before confirmation of the deal was finally secured this week. ING spokesman Gary Cartmell said: "We are delighted to have such a fantastic retailer coming in to the town centre.

"A lot of people were very supportive, over 1,000 wanted to see an Asda coming to Hayle. You will be able to see work commencing from the second week in October."

The site, which has been derelict for 30 years, remains the subject of contestation following a call from the United Nations World Heritage Committee for the Government to block plans for a supermarket on the Quay.

Despite this, the commencement of works for the Asda store will be the first part of a redevelopment of South Quay, which will also include 30 homes, a waterfront restaurant and other shops.


  • Profile image for Doitdreckley

    by Doitdreckley

    Tuesday, October 01 2013, 9:36AM

    “I hope Hayle does not regret its love affair with supermarkets. The town appears to be doing quite well at the moment. It won't really be '200 jobs' as not all of these are full time and (I dont know Asda's recruitment policies) but I suspect the management will be brought in from outside Cornwall. What are Asda's supply chain policies - will they be 'buying local'? Will Hayle end up with a booming economy that no Hayle person (or Cornish person) can afford a house in?”

  • Profile image for rickoon

    by rickoon

    Tuesday, October 01 2013, 9:28AM


    Who knows what could be on the horizon when the supermarkets get the upper hand, I can see a time when they could start dictating to councils how much council tax they think they should pay etc, if not favourable they could threaten to pull out.
    Cornwall being geographically situated as it is, to go elsewhere for food and the employment these supermarkets provide would be devastating.”

  • Profile image for josdave

    by josdave

    Tuesday, October 01 2013, 8:49AM

    “The old saying "You don't know what you've got til' it's gone" will ring true in the not too distant future when there are no local independent traders and all we have is row on row of big stores. What a bleak future that will be.”

  • Profile image for rickoon

    by rickoon

    Sunday, September 29 2013, 4:49PM

    “"I see the Cornishman is also doing its bit for free speech by not allowing me to post a perfectly legitimate link, on here!"

    Was the link this one by any chance Sarah LOL

  • Profile image for grahamcoad

    by grahamcoad

    Sunday, September 29 2013, 1:08PM

    “Hi Sarah, the consultation result was just ONE of the consultations during 2010 in the run up to the planning applications for 4 supermarkets that were all seeking permission in Hayle, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrison's all wanted to build supermarkets around Hayle and ING who owned Hayle Harbour sought permission to build a supermarket on South Quay, with no supermarket company actually signed up.

    There was lots of publicity, and all the applicants held consultations and published results. Hayle Residents Association also carried out a straw poll over a peiod of days surveying peopld visiting the COOP. I recall consultations at the White Hart Hotel and Passmore Edwards Institute, they were advertised in the Conishman, each applicant had websites etc. (Some people in Hayle were actually complaining about so many consultations!)

    Planning rules mean it's whether the proposed SITE is suitable not what brand of supermarket goes there, and eventually in 2011, ING's South Quay site was given the permission by planners.

    During this consultation, many people voted for the supermarket they preferred, rather than consider the suitability of the site. One common thread which ran through these consultations was that AROUND 70% of people in all the polls who expressed a preference for a store chose ASDA.

    ING were first in negotiations with SAINSBURY for S.Quay, but they went to Penzance and Asda stepped in.”

  • Profile image for SarahWorrall

    by SarahWorrall

    Sunday, September 29 2013, 12:04PM

    “It's at Hayle Harbour dot com, under 'Regeneration News'

    I see the Cornishman is also doing its bit for free speech by not allowing me to post a perfectly legitimate link, on here!”

  • Profile image for SarahWorrall

    by SarahWorrall

    Sunday, September 29 2013, 12:02PM

    “Apologies, my link has now shown correctly on my last comment, it should be:

  • Profile image for SarahWorrall

    by SarahWorrall

    Sunday, September 29 2013, 12:00PM

    “Where does this 'over 1000 people wanted Asda' idea come from? The only information I can find about this is here at where (just) 310 people participated in a secret ballot, which was apparently advertised in the Cornish media and on the radio and television - it was so secret infact, that neither myself nor any of my friends locally had even heard of it! Shame really, as it has turned out to be a very close vote according to that link, with votes counted as 19% for Asda, 18% for Morrisons and 17% for Sainsburys.

    So nice to hear local people are being consulted properly!”

  • Profile image for grahamcoad

    by grahamcoad

    Sunday, September 29 2013, 9:42AM

    “Perhaps more important is that the works will include repair and renovation of the historic quay walls of South Quay and Carnsew Quay, the partial uncovering of Carnsew dock (most of it is unavailable being buried under Jewson's yard) and the repair and re-instatement of the sluice gates and sluice tunnels to Carnsew Basin, so that some traditional sluicing can be re-started. A new footbridge from the supermarket car park to the existing shops along Penpol Terrace is also included, and there will be a public promenade around South Quay similar to that on the already regenerated North Quay.
    Planning conditions mean that the supermarket cannot open for business until other important parts of the development have been completed.”


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