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Comments on behalf of the Steamship company 02/02/2016


To: Pitt Chloe[]
Cc: McKenna Jim CC[]; Broomhead
From: Robert Goldsmith
Sent: Tue 02/02/2016 2:12:21 PM
Importance: Normal
Subject: RE: PA15/10545
MAIL_RECEIVED: Tue 02/02/2016 2:12:29 PM

Dear Chloe

Re Planning Application PA15/10545

Further to our recent conversation I have tried to contact Phil Mason and hopefully he will get in
touch shortly.

Unfortunately none of my senior managers have received the formal consultation documents that
you mentioned so I wonder if you can email them through to me or send to the address below
marked for my attention. If you have a database that lists our group of companies perhaps you
can amend as below.

With regard to the specifics of this application for the 450 space car park at Splattenridden Farm,
Lelant to serve demand for the Isles of Scilly ferry we have had no contact from the prospective
developer. Given we are the only provider of passenger services between the mainland and the
Isles of Scilly by both sea and air this seems to be a very curious oversight for anyone serious
about serving this market as their primary reason for the planning application. Our non-executive
chairman, Andrew May, who is a farmer by profession and has no “day-to-day” input into the
running of our Company, knows the owner of Splattenridden Farm vaguely through his
agricultural associations. At a recent farming function the applicant mentioned the project in
passing to our Chairman but was told he would need to speak to our senior management team
which has not happened.

One of our primary concerns relates to the need for a strategic level joined-up plan for parking
capacity to serve the needs of Penzance town and also the essential lifeline link ferry service
between the mainland and the Isles of Scilly. The car parking options are one aspect of a wider
strategic consideration by Cornwall Council and other partners to improve Penzance Harbour as
a working port and for visitors to the town. The road access to the quay area is constrained with
the ferry quay itself being located on a sharp bend in the road. Some recent upgrades have been
made by Cornwall Council to try to improve passenger safety and also tackle the vehicle
congestion as a result of highly limited space for freight deliveries. The loss of one ferry
passenger parking site next to Lidl in Penzance has prompted a search for alternatives and there
are short term options that are also being considered by Nigel Blackler’s team in Cornwall
Council who has been trying to assist with the creation of a joined-up plan for harbourside
improvements that would relieve some of the current congestion and conflicts between cars,
ferry passengers movements and freight. Alternative car park options have included the
Sainsbury’s site which has also been identified for use for the town centre but this has not
proceeded due to fears about sufficient space at peak times. We would hope that any future of a
car park site of any scale would be viewed strategically within the wider mix of factors that are
currently being considered by Cornwall Council.

Another key issue is the long distance of the proposed parking site from the ferry berth at
Penzance Harbour and the logistics of transferring a large number of passengers in a reliable and
timely manner. The applicant provides virtually no detail regarding how this would be achieved.
On the basis this is a bus transfer service, what size of bus would be used? How many busses
would be available each morning and evening? How would the bussing respond to peak days
when there are double-sailings? What contingencies would be in place if vehicles break down or
are delayed en-route to Penzance?

The detail and reliability of bus schedule and timings will be critical to ensuring the continuity of
the essential lifeline sea link service between Scilly and the mainland. The space on Penzance
quay is extremely limited so it will not be practicable or safe to deposit multiple busloads of
passengers if not carefully spaced and organised. Any delays or unreliability could cause
problems for check-in of passenger, excessive queuing and result in either unacceptable delays to
the scheduled sailing time or the risk of passengers missing the ferry. There is already very
limited space for vehicles in the vicinity of the quay which is frequently highly congested prior
to and after ferry sailings so the addition of a significant number of new bus movements into this
mix could be problematic until such time that we and Cornwall Council have a specific traffic
management strategy in place. The potential risks of added congestion, inefficient operations and
safety concerns are potentially compounded for arriving ferry services when up to 485
passengers disembark at a time. If the applicant envisages a number of busses being in place to
meet each sailing it is not clear how this would be managed or where vehicles would park if
existing spaces are already over-subscribed. All of the above organisational risks are also likely
to be enhanced by the considerable distance and transit time between the proposed site and the
ferry quay compared with a short distance shuttle type service that could be coordinated
managed on a local call-through basis. In our view this proposed new site and bus service is too
far away to work well without significant risks or negative knock-on implications but we would
obviously be keen to see the detail of any operational plans.

In conclusion, we recognise the need for additional and enhanced car parking facilities to replace
spaces lost with recent developments in Penzance Town. At this point in time the applicant’s
proposal appears to be opportunistic rather than thoroughly thought through. In order to address
the considerable implications of a proposal such as this one there would surely need to be
detailed discussions to consider scheduling, safety, road congestion, resourcing, coordination and
effective contingencies. I’m sure that the Harbour Authority and Cornwall Council would also
have a direct interest in the ramifications of the prospective approval of this project. The impact
of this project may be far less significant on the site of the car park itself compared with in the
Penzance quay area. All of these areas of concern hopefully illustrate the desire for a strategic
solution that fits the needs of Penzance town, the ferry service and harbour or we could simply
end up making known current problems in Penzance even worse.

I hope the above is useful and I would be pleased to discuss any aspect of our concerns with you
or any of the senior planning team.

Kind regards
Rob Goldsmith
Chief Executive Officer
Isles of Scilly Steamship Group
Steamship House
Quay Street
TR18 4BZ
Tel 01736 334247
Mob 07718 524075
From: Pitt Chloe []
Sent: 24 December 2015 08:03
To: McKenna Jim CC; Broomhead Mark
Cc: Robert Goldsmith
Subject: RE: PA15/10545
Dear Jim,
Thanks for your email.
I will ensure that the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company are formally consulted on this
application and there input would be valued.
Many thanks and kind regards,
Chloe Pitt
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From: McKenna Jim CC
Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 07:00 PM GMT Standard Time
To: Pitt Chloe; Broomhead Mark
Subject: RE: PA15/10545
Dear Chloe,
As discussed this morning I have set out below the contact details of Rob Goldsmith the
CEO of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group and have copied him in to this email.
Office – 01736 334247 or mobile 07718 524075.
When I met Rob last week he advised that he had had no prior contact from the
Kind regards,
Jim McKenna
Cabinet Member for Adult Care
Independent Cornwall Councillor for Penzance Promenade Ward
07764 347910
From: Pitt Chloe
Sent: 18 December 2015 17:09
To: Broomhead Mark
Cc: McKenna Jim CC
Subject: RE: PA15/10545
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your email.
I will contact Cllr McKenna next week with regards to my position on the application.
Kind regards,
Chloe Pitt
Senior Development Officer
Planning and Enterprise
Cornwall Council
Tel: 01209 616995
Please let us know if you need any particular assistance from us, such as facilities to
help with mobility, vision or hearing, or information in a different format.
From: Broomhead Mark
Sent: 18 December 2015 15:28
To: Pitt Chloe
Cc: McKenna Jim CC
Subject: PA15/10545
Importance: High
Hi Chloe
Cllr Mckenna phoned he is not supportive of this application and the Steam Ship Company have
had no prior knowledge of this application and they would not be supportive either.
Kind Regards
Mark Broomhead
Development Management Group Leader
Planning and Enterprise
Cornwall Council
Tel: (01209) 614282
Room 235,Council Offices,Dolcoath Avenue
Camborne, TR14 8SX
Please let us know if you need any particular assistance from us, such as facilities to help with mobility,
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