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Consideration at Hayle Town Council | PA17/00288 | Condition 2 Decision Notice PA15/01953

Discussion at Hayle Town Council meeting 16 February 2017


James Durrant spoke regarding planning application PA17/00288 on behalf of Riverside Angarrack Residents. He stated that he was not contesting the change of condition 2, but was concerned about the lack of a flood management scheme. He believed additional water from the two new houses would not be displaced from the area and would create a pond behind their houses. Cornwall Council (CC) had been contacted and it was looking at a drainage scheme before condition 6 could be discharged. He asked the town council to support the residents’ views (see Appendix C) when it gave its comments to CC.

Some councillors also expressed their concern about the drainage/possible flooding issue at the site and they were reminded that the application on the agenda related only to condition 2 (variation of plans) and that removal of other conditions would be applied for and considered by the town council separately.

Adam Palmer also spoke regarding this planning application and wanted to make it clear that the developers had spent a lot of money researching the site and knew exactly where the adits were. He added that work had not started on the development, but the boundary had been made safe for the public.


[Councillor Capper declared an interest in planning application PA17/0288]