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Cranford - 3rd application for the Marsh Lane site | Facebook

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I'm told that Cranfords presented the contents of their 3rd application for the Marsh Lane site to Hayle Council last Thursday. Can anyone throw any light upon this, particularly why this application is different enough to be considered after the fairly definite rejection of their last application. Surely it has to be radically different in order to not get rejected again.

Gail Willis That must be why the fields were cleared a couple of weeks ago. Both are flooded after the rain last night and today
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Noticed all the undergrowth cut down this morning.
Mickee Jelf
Mickee Jelf Think they cut it back to stop any wildlife taking up home, doesn't give any confidence in the nature reserve aspect of their plans.
Steven Brighton
Steven Brighton At least if they get planning something will happen.unlike the rfc
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Yes you are correct!
They obviously still want a return on their purchase of that land!

After listening to the objections on their first application they worked on changes to avoid the issues they were refused on.

Refused again, they went back and did more work on the next application, satisfying the Environment Agency on flood levels etc. and the Highways people on the main roundabout improvements necessary.

That time they were only refused on the "cumulative impact" of the shops they proposed added to what is already there and the permitted development of the Rugby Club.

The cumulative impact according to retail consultants would have had an adverse impact not just on Hayle's existing shopping centres, but on surrounding towns and even as far as Truro and Falmouth.

Hayle Town Council supported that plan but not not unanimously and some councillors spoke against it at County Hall

This new "pre planning application consultation" proposes a smaller development on the same site, but with non food, non fashion based shops, all "White Goods" etc, like Currys and Wickes and similar.

This claim this would complement, not compete with the Rugby Club development, and produce only a far smaller element of "cumulative impact" on other towns. and they are back to a better sized buffer zone with Angarrack whilst keeping the new pedestrian access and traffic calming for Angarrack residents.

They appear to have dealt with ALL the major issues that they were previously refused permission on by Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee.
John Relf
John Relf So basically the industrial estate will be spreading across to the other side of the road just so Cranford get some return for their "investment" in the land, in short Hayle gets further spoilt whilst Bill Oakley gets richer.
Gail Willis
Gail Willis Let's hope The Rugby Club sign up Wickes & Currys as part of their scheme
Graham Coad
Graham Coad RFC are aiming at better paying fashion and eating businesses that generate more income to the site owners and increase the value of the development.
Gail Willis
Gail Willis With B&Q closing stores and Argos being bought by Sainsburys and absorbed into their stores many 'white goods companies are struggling as the internet takes over
Graham Coad
Graham Coad I have read the same Gail, but firms have apparently signed up for the Cranford development so it must meet their needs......
John Relf
John Relf And in 10 years time there'll be an empty unused development in Marsh lane because all the businesses have moved out due to lack of trade and increased internet purchasing. At least the joyriders will still be able to use the car park to practice their handbrake spins which should keep them away from other carp arks in and around the town!
Keith Letchford
Keith Letchford Wasn't there also a lobby over the potential negative impact on Camborne town centre? That never made much sense to me, but seemed to carry some weight. Looked like anti-Hayle sour grapes to me.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad No Keith,more than sour grapes, many of our neighbouring town centres are "struggling", and the retail experts consulted looked at what the effects would be.
The existing retail stores, plus what the Rugby Club will bring and then the extras from the
last proposed Cranford scheme would have made one of the biggest shopping centres in Cornwall, crammed with top popular stores and becoming a destination in itself, and taking businesses from places that are already "In Trouble".
That's why plans like these go to the Cornwall Council STRATEGIC Planning committee, so plans in one area dont damage other parts of Cornwall.
Cranfords last application would have had to pay very large sums to neighbouring councils to help compensate for the damage. Penzance mainly and others.
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Roll on Developing. Need jobs for all the hundreds of residents coming to live in all the houses being built!!
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Hundreds Ken? Hayle's housing allocation up to 2030 (which includes places with planning permission but not yet built) is 1600 new homes.......
Ken Townend
Ken Townend 1600 new home. Thousands of New Residents then. Mmmm, Surgeries, Mmmm Schools, Mmmmm Dentists.