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Environment Agency Briefing for Angarrack

The Environment Agency has created a special flooding briefing specifically for Angarrack. A PDF version ideal for printing out is attached below (or click here ) but here are the key points

Flooding can happen in a flash

Being prepared in an emergency can help to reduce stress, panic and avoid loss of life 


Since completion, Angarrack's flood bypass channel and tunnel have increased the level of protection and reduce the chances of the community flooding. However, it's important not to be complacent as flooding, although reduced by the defences, is still possible. In November and December 2012, many communities in Cornwall were flooded, even those with flood defences.


If you know your property is in the flood plain or there is a history of flooding in your community, do you know where to look for the latest flood risk forecasts and do you know who you can call for information and assistance? Do you know what to look out for when forecasts predict heavy/intense rainfall? Do you know what the different authorities are responsible for?

Debris blockages can occur, so remain vigilant and report blockages and flooding (from the Angarrack stream) to our incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60


If your property's boundary adjoins a watercourse, you are a riparian owner and you have the responsibility to maintain the river bed and banks to allow water to pass freely. Despite being the owner you still require prior written 'Flood Defence' consent for new structures or alterations in, over and under the Angarrack stream. Such activities can include weirs and works to access bridges. Please note that disposing of garden waste to a watercourse is a blockage risk and likely to cause flooding to downstream neighbours. This is an offence.


We regulate (consent and enforce) activities within 7 meters of designated main rivers (such as through and under Angarrack); we carry out routine river inspections; we clear vegetation and remove debris and blockages from critical locations; we routinely clear the debris screen before, during and after significant rainfall. We also offer to support communities in being more resilient to flooding


Would you like to help your community be prepared for flooding by looking out for the early signs of flooding, such as monitoring our flood forecast, checking river levels and for blockages? If flooding is predicted are you able to assist the community, particularly the most vulnerable residents and properties, by warning and helping to install temporary measures to minimise disruption, improve recovery time and minimising the risk to life? For more information, email

To receive flood alerts for a useful heads up call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or visit to register an 'area of interest.'



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