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Extract from Further Addendum (October 2014) to Environmental Statement January 2014 and Addendum March 2014

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3. Planning Policy Context & Legislation

Planning Policy

The Planning Statement submitted with the January 2014 Application considered the proposals against relevant national, regional and local policy and the details were set out in Chapter 5 ‘Planning Policy Context’ of the January 2014 ES with an overview of specific policies reported in the relevant technical chapters, where applicable. The adopted planning policy context has not altered since January 2014; it therefore remains applicable and valid.

The Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies Pre-Submission Document (March 2013) referred to the January 2014 ES has been updated (Draft 2010-2030 (March 2014) to reflect comments received during consultation and in turn went through consultation in March and April 2014. This again resulted in a number of changes to the original document which is presented in the 'Schedule of Focused Changes to the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Draft March 2014'. Those policies that have been amended since the publication of Local Plan Strategic Policies Pre-Submission Document are outlined below.

Policy 1 remains the same although also identifies that ‘when considering whether a development proposal is sustainable or not, account will be taken of its location, layout, design and use against the three pillars of economic development, social development and environmental protection and improvement’.

Policy 2 has been amended and removes specific reference to providing an increase of 50,000 jobs and now includes reference to ‘increasing jobs supporting the provision of better paid full-time employment opportunities to drive an increase in the Gross Domestic Product to rise above 75% of the EU’s average.’ The Council’s overall aim to support sustainable economic growth remains.

Policy 4 has been amended and now states that ‘retail and other town centre uses outside defined town centres must show there is no significant adverse impact on the viability and vitality of the existing centre’. The ‘significant adverse impact’ test is the same test as applies to paragraph 27 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which was in force at the time of submission of the application and remains extant. The requirement to demonstrate the application of a sequential approach to site selection or demonstrate an overriding strategic role for the economic and social sustainability of Cornwall remains applicable.

The Local Plan Employment Floorspace Requirements 2010-30 (B1, B2 and B8 use classes only) has been inserted in Table 2 of the 'Schedule of Focused Changes to the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Draft March 2014', an extract of which is provided below and identifies the following for Hayle and St Ives.

Table 3.1: Extract from Table 2 of the 'Schedule of Focused Changes to the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Draft March 2014'

Community Network Area Target 2010- 2013 (m2)
Net Completions 2010-2014 (m2) Commitments – 2014 (m2) Residual to be provided by 2030 (m2)
Hayle & St Ives 16,900 2,052.40 12,537 2,311

Policy 13 is amended to state that ‘the Council is committed to achieving high quality safe, sustainable and inclusive design in all developments’ although advocating this approach through a number of design principals remains applicable.

Policy 22 continues to seek to ensure the best use of land and existing building states that priority should be given to previously developed land and buildings but adds provided that they are not of high environmental value

The objectives to be addressed in planning for the Hayle and St Ives Community Network Area outlined within the Policy Messages for Places section of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Draft 2010-2030 (March 2014) have not been significantly amended since the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies Pre-Submission Document (March 2013).

Planning Guidance

The January 2014 ES was prepared in the lead up to the 6th March, 2014, which preceded the launch of the National Planning Practice Guidance, which formally revoked > 150 planning guidance documents. This document considers the revoked Guidance as the Guidance was considered during the design of the proposed development, scope of the assessments and methodologies adopted in the January 2014 ES. The assessments remain in accordance with NPPF published in March 2012 and are consistent with the NPPGs supporting guidance.

4. The Description of the Proposed Development

Consideration of Alternatives

In accordance with the EIA regulations alternatives sites and scheme layouts were considered within Section 4.2 of the January 2014 ES. The information contained within the Consideration of Alternatives section of the January 2014 ES remains applicable and valid, however, since the submission of the application Simply Planning has completed further work to sensitivity check the work undertaken to date in relation to the sequential test for retail development to assist Cornwall Council.

Those sites considered in the sequential test are identified in the Planning and Retail Statement that supports the application and are summarised in Table 4.1 of the January 2014 ES. An Addendum Planning and Retail Statement has been prepared by Simply Planning (April 2014) and consideration is given to potential sequential sites within Falmouth. The additional sites considered within Falmouth Town Centre are those identified for potential retail development through the Council’s Retail Study (2010) and are summarised in Table 4.1 below.

Table 4.1: Summary of Additional Sequential Sites

Address/SitePossible Land Uses
Reason for Discounting Site
Quarry Car ParkRetail / office / leisure uses (Use Classes A1/A2, A3, B1 and B2)Physically too restricted to provide a viable location for the proposed development. In addition it is located in a peripheral area of the town centre and has poor visual prominence in retail terms.
Grove Place car park (adjacent to the National Maritime Museum).Identified within the Carrick Local Plan for additional car parking to serve shoppers to the town. Suitable for small-scale retail only to complement the adjacent marina development. In addition, the site is considered to be unacceptable on highway and traffic grounds through an increased level of traffic movements both within the immediate locality of the site and also throughout the town centre.


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The effects of the new trade draw assumptions are considered below.

Operational Phase – Changes in Traffic Flows

When the development has been constructed and becomes operational, there is likely to be traffic associated with:

  • Customers visiting the development;
  • Staff travelling to work; and
  • Service vehicles.

The new trade draw assumptions were used to update the distribution of primary transferred trips only. Pass-by, cross-visitation and trade-transfer trips remain unaffected by the new household survey.

The calculated changes in traffic flow resulting from the revised distribution of development transferred primary trips were reviewed and were not considered significant enough to warrant any further junction analysis. This approach was agreed with Cornwall Council and the Highways Agency.

The percentage change in traffic flows resulting from the addition of development traffic during the weekday PM peak hour (16:30 to 17:30) and Saturday peak hour (13:00 to 14:00) are summarised in Table 5.3.

Table 5.3 – Summary of development traffic impact per link

 Link  Weekday PM Saturday
 2015 Base 2015 Base + DevelopmentPercentage Change
 2015 Base2015 Base + Development
Percentage Change
 Carwin Rise (west of Loggans Road) 1224   1249   2.0% 
 998   1048    5.0% 
 Loggans Road 479   479  0.0% 
 Guildford Road515 
 Carwin Rise (west of Lidl access)1342 
 Lidl access231 
 Carwin Rise (west of Loggans moor) 1319 
 A30 (north of Loggans Moor)2208 
 A30 (south of Loggans Moor) 2017 
 Carwin Rise (east of Loggans Moor)703 
 Services access (north)91 
 Services access (south)194 
 Carwin Rise (east of Services)514 
 Marsh Lane (north of WCSP access)612 
 WCSP access449 
 Rugby Club access18 
 Marsh Lane (east of WCSP access)208 

Table 5.4 summarises the changes between the traffic impacts per link from the ES and those calculated using the updated traffic distributions, contained in Table 5.3.


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