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Hayle Town Council Elections 2nd May 2013, Final list.



Posted by: Graham Coad Apr 10 2013, 06:14 PM
In the MAY 2ND ELECTIONS FOR HAYLE TOWN COUNCIL, following the withdrawal of candidates initially standing for seats in both wards, we now have REVISED LISTS OF CANDIDATES.

John Bennett, Independent Hayle First
Brian Capper, Independent
Graham Coad, Hayle Born Independent Retired Police Officer
Nicholas Farrar, Independent
Michael Kemp, Independent Hayle First
Robert Lello, Independent Hayle First
Howard Lyons, Independent Hayle First
Colin Philp, Independent Hayle Harbour Support Group
John Pollard, Independent

Paul Birch, Independent
Harry Blakely, A Voice For The People
David Cocks, Independent
John Coombe Independent
Robert Mims, Independent Hayle First
Jayne Ninnes, Labour Party Candidate
Owen Philp, Independent Hayle Harbour Support group
Clive Polkinghorne, Independent
Anne Marie Rance, The Labour Party.

This means EIGHTEEN candidates for the 15 available seats, and elections in both electoral wards. This still bodes well for a healthily contested election.


Posted by: Graham Coad Apr 14 2013, 01:34 PM
Some of the candidates for Hayle Town Council are also standing for Election as Cornwall Councillors, John Pollard (Independent), Anne Marie Rance (Labour), Clive Polkinghorne (UKIP), John Coombe (Independent) and me Graham Coad (Independent) are standing for CC from Hayle.

Harry Blakely is standing in Camborne Pendarves Ward as UKIP, Harry's good lady, Brenda Blakely is standing in Pool and Tehidy as UKIP, Bob Mims in Lanner as UKIP....I might well have missed a couple, your eyes can go funny scanning all those electoral documents online!

There has been Internet comment on UKIP fielding many candidates for these elections across the UK and in Cornwall they have fielded more than Mebyon Kernow!

All very interesting, and if you like elections and local politics it promises to be an interesting couple of weeks until the elections on 2nd May....


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