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Historic Environment Planning West Majors Comment Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018

Historic Environment Planning West Majors


Comment Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018

This application by the lack of a HIA informing the proposals and by virtue of the large extension, with two large lantern lights, picket fence and non-specified roof covering occupying the whole yard harms the architectural character and spatial proportions of this classical proportioned listed building and does not comply with policies NPPFP128 and 134 and Cornwall Local Plan policies 12 and 24 and sections 66 and 72 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

The existing buildings in the rear courtyard are in poor condition and of low significance. The extension is proposed to occupy the whole yard area without leaving a maintenance gap. Further information on the current level of seating provision and the proposed and the minimum viable number would be useful to assist in evidencing the application. There are other issues with this application including the loss of window, the lower sash appears to be original and the upper part a later phase of evolution, but still of some significance. The proposed means of escape now crosses over a flat a roof, passing lantern lights and there needs to careful considered for fire resisting materials. Also the proposed fence also appears to be styled as a wooden picket fence.

The loss of a historic window should be considered carefully and assess whether it can be reused elsewhere in the building. In the site photos it is noted that there is a historic four panelled door lying against the rear elevation of the listed building. This should have been used in the conversion and treated with intumescent paint. It is also question whether the new door to the flats is as per the approved scheme?

The proposed drawings provide double doors into the rear extension at a width of 1.2 metres, the same size as the existing window and they do not show that the splay which given the proposal should be retained to show the evolution of this opening. There are no details of the proposed doors.

The occupation of the whole yard for restaurant use with a flat roof without details of the roof, its structure, how it is going abut adjoining walls, apart from the listed building, which requires a drawing to demonstrate its low level of intervention. The roof description in the application form states that it is single ply roof, and that appears to be all the details.
In a HIA, the design philosophy should be informed by the understanding of the significance of the building, and include an options appraisal to demonstrate that the scheme minimises any potential harm. This large organic shaped space is an alien architectural feature to the listed building and it is suggested a more regular shaped extension is provided.

Therefore it is suggested a smaller extension is proposed to provide additional seating area and other pitched roofs explored.

Also cross section of the site is requested as the drawings show the flat roof finishing below the original landing window and stairs and a one over one window instead of the entrance door to the flats. A cross section would assist in the understanding of the scale of the works and perhaps the level of excavation in the rear yard, which is not shown, but assumed from the drawings. Please clarify?

Finally there probably would be a change to Steamers Hill as new entrance will be required to access the flats and it is requested that this is shown on the drawings, including the detailing of the gate and wall.

Hayle Town Council


Comment Date: Fri 16 Mar 2018

Hayle Town Council resolved to object to this application in support of the Historic Environment Team's views.




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