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Improving water quality in the Angarrack and Stennack – how can you help?

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Improving water quality in the Angarrack and Stennack – how can you help?

We want to improve water quality in the Angarrack and Stennack streams in Cornwall. This briefing note sets out the pressures facing the water environment in the catchment.

The Environment Agency in the South West has ambitious targets to get 43 per cent of our 1,100 waterbodies into ‘good’ ecological status under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) by 2015. The WFD looks at 37 measures of water quality, such as the health of river insects and plants. The Angarrack and Stennack streams currently do not meet the standards to be classified as being at ‘good’ ecological status.

Angarrack Stream rises on Howe Downs near Leedstown. It flows north then west past the villages of Angarrack and Phillack and into Copperhouse Pool in the Hayle Estuary.
Stennack Stream rises near Halsetown and
Copperhouse Pool (Angarrack Stream)* flows north through Bussow reservoir and into St Ives, before flowing out into St Ives Bay.

There are three main reasons why these waterbodies are failing:


• There are high levels of metals in many rivers in Cornwall which are a legacy of the county’s mining history.
• This is a particular problem on these streams with increased levels of copper and zinc.
• There are high pH levels on Stennack Stream

Physical modifications

• Both streams are heavily modified and some measures still have to be taken to reduce the effects of physical modifications on these waterbodies.
We are gathering further information to help us identify sources of pollution and understand how the physical modifications are affecting the ecology of the streams.
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How can you help?

These are your rivers - there are real opportunities for you and your community to get involved by:
• sharing what you know about the rivers with us;
• reporting any pollution you see;
• sharing your ideas about how we can tackle the metals and pH issues affecting these rivers;
• getting involved in projects to improve water quality and habitats in this area.
We need your ideas and local knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the area, so together we can improve the quality of this river. For example:


• environmental projects
• improvements to water quality
• habitat creation
• fish improvements


• reports of pollution
• problem sites
• damaging activities

Please contact Daniel Hambrook on 01208 265087 or email: AEPDevon& if you’ve got information or ideas that could help, or want to get involved.
Would you like to find out more about us, or about your environment?
Then call us on 08708 506 506 (Mon-Fri 8-6)
Approximate call costs: 8p plus 6p per minute (standard landline).
Please note charges will vary across telephone providers.
or visit our website
incident hotline 0800 80 70 60 (24 hrs)
floodline 0845 988 1188

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