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ING South Quay, Hayle

April 2015


ING (Real Estate) sold the central portion of South Quay Hayle and Foundry Yard across the road to Peverill group for the building of the supermarket and homes on the quay.

The harbour walls and promenades, sluice gates, weir etc remained in ING (RE) ownership.

ING (RE) have now sold the remainder of their holdings in Hayle to Corinthian Land Ltd, a Kent based development company .



In 2008 ING unveiled a Masterplan.

ING Masterplan

Since then there have been four exhibitions of various proposals and now there's a new fifth (and final?) exhibition and plan.

Oddly enough, none of the later plans have three bridges, or bear much resemblence to the so called Masterplan.  The latest plan is for a supermarket and car park - the design condemned by CABE