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One for discussion, if you've not already seen it (number 05999 on the CC portal) | Hayle Development Discussion Group | FB



One for discussion, if you've not already seen it (number 05999 on the CC portal).…/…

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Rick Cornwall
Ken Townend
Ken Townend When will it end?
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish When the sun implodes in many billion years :)
Graham Baumbach
Graham Baumbach So, from what I can see, it's a continuation of "Ocean Rise" - that looks like a hell of a lot of houses, again, with what appears to be little or no thought to green space, amenities, access or infrastructure. The rear entrance to the south appears to...See more
Sam Hutchens
Sam Hutchens Vicky Richards this is the rest of what's going up infront of us in the field to the left and that green patch by the rail track and where the empty house is infront of me now
Vicky Richards
Vicky Richards Alot more yet then!xx
Suzie Savage
Suzie Savage A bit lacked in. I'm glad we got our place in Connor while we did. Lovely and spacious up here. For now..
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Had a look at the show house at Ocean Rise the other day. Don't think the people living on the estate are going to be too chuffed with cars parking in there on the school run. Not a lot of places to park extra cars.


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