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PA16/01810/PREAPP | Pre application advice for farm shop | Land W Of Wyevale Garden Centre Nut Lane Lelant Cornwall


Reference PA16/01810/PREAPP
Alternative Reference n/a
Application Received Wed 15 Jun 2016
Application Validated Thu 07 Jul 2016
Address Land W Of Wyevale Garden Centre Nut Lane Lelant Cornwall
Proposal Pre application advice for farm shop
Status Awaiting decision
Appeal Status Unknown
Appeal Decision Not Applicable

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Yes, it's not Hayle Graham, but as you know, most people are interested in the immediate surrounding area as well.

Regarding Nut Lane, I've just seen a pre-app go up on CC planning for a Farm Shop opposite the garden centre.

Now, I think the farm shop is a great idea. But it'll be on Nut Lane, and I think it's probably 2 years too early for a farm shop until that road is sorted. This is only a pre-app and nothing is imminent.

Also, in the details, the subject of if that whole field and nearby field could be used for building in future, which doesn't go down too well for me. More traffic in and out of that area isn't needed.

Details here

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Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington I've always thought that field would be built on.
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish yeah, it's seemed inevitable.
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Least it's not more houses!
Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington It will be houses eventually
Richard Williams
Richard Williams Where does it mention housing in this application?
Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington Nowhere Richard but it just seems the sort of place that they would build on and with a farm shop etc it could open up the field to development
Richard Williams
Richard Williams Paul, yes you're probably right but I really hope not ??
Eric Martin
Eric Martin I've heard on the grapevine, the cycle path between the quay house and the bridge.
This has to be gone by end of August, due to traffic monitoring which was done.
Paul Warmington
Paul Warmington The path is a good thing as it completes a section of the south west coast path which 1000's of people use all year round.....the issue is which way the one way system goes.if the problem is traffic turning right across the hayle carriage way after leaving old quay house then you need to only sort that junction
Eric Martin
Eric Martin There has been no problem all the time I've lived here and now it's chaos I rest my case.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams The path is a very good thing and I don't believe it will be removed. Why would they have bothered to put in the slip lane going up Nut Lane if they were going to remove the path by the end of August?
Eric Martin
Eric Martin Because of pressure from drivers.
Eric Martin
Eric Martin The person who put this through has gone.


Pre-App Letter	17/06/2016
Pre-App Letter	17/06/2016 p2

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