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Park and ride system for visitors travelling to the Isles of Scilly planned for | Hayle development discussion group | Facebook

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Ken Townend
Ken Townend Not an April Fool.
Ken Townend
Ken Townend More traffic in the area!
Graham Coad
Graham Coad I don't know Ken, all that traffic would have come down anyway if they're going to Scilly........and while they're at Splattenridden they are parked and unused.

Might tie in nicely with the nearby proposed Park and Ride/Transport Hub at St Erth Station.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad Perhaps once the Hayle bar and channel are sorted, Scillonian can come into Hayle!! grin emoticon -It used to happen occasionally years ago if there was a bad South Easterly!
Ken Townend
Ken Townend I'm sure, In the 60s, the older version used to berth in Penpol Creek opposite the chemists there now. Remember going on it, as chap in charge, was a drinking friend of wife's father.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad And the Queen of the Isles was moored on South Quay for some months I think when she was up for sale!
With a life that spreads over 5 decades and a journey across the world, this is the story of mv Queen of the Isles|By Andy Newland
David Jay Shute
David Jay Shute Getting out of St.erth station is hard at the best of time's so mite be good for hayle to have Scillonian dock there
Graham Coad
Graham Coad David, if the Transport Hub at St Erth station goes ahead there will be traffic lights on the A30 as part of the scheme.....
David Jay Shute
David Jay Shute Need something there


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