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Please vote to help us get a grant from M&S to heat Hayle pool | 2015


The Town Council, in conjunction with the Friends of Hayle Pool, are striving to heat, and eventually cover, the outdoor pool to provide a safe, warm environment for residents and visitors to enjoy all the health benefits of swimming over an extended period. It is acknowledged that the current water temperature is a major block, particularly to the very young and the more mature members of our community. HTC has invested in a more professional staffing structure with an on site pool manager who is introducing initiatives to encourage wider usage e.g aquathons and pool yoga. The long term aim is to be able to provide the town with a local amenity saving on travel to neighbouring towns.

As a minor local authority we are given the power to provide leisure facilities and therefore are able to guarantee that any inward investment courtesy of grant aid will be secure for the long term future. Whilst enjoying community and volunteer support the organisation is of a professional nature having the necessary resources to ensure that the facility is managed at the highest professional level.

1. Improvement in health and well being 2. Greater participation in sport, not only swimming - aqua aerobics, pool yoga etc 3. Providing a safe environment for children and non-swimmers to learn to swim. Particularly important given that we are a coastal town, where water safety is vital.