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From Hayle Town Council 20 June 2013, Minutes of Full Council


a) Maintenance Update
The Clerk advised that the first round of cuts of the gold footpaths had just been completed. A couple of complaints about overgrown paths had been received prior to the first cuts but these had now been addressed.
It was noted that the improvements to the Black Bridge footpath had now been completed and that the grass verge along King George V Memorial Walk had now been cut as per the Town Council’s request.
A query was raised about the recently circulated notice of works relating to the closure of Footpath 16. The Clerk undertook to follow up and find out why the works would take a period of 6 months.

b) To consider Roger Lowry’s request, on behalf of The West Cornwall Footpaths Preservation Society, with regard to amending the Definitive Map to refle ct the actual routes of Footpaths 30 and 37
It was resolved to follow up on our letter of 3 October 2012 and invite Cornwall Council Access T eam officers to meet with Hayle Town Council and West Cornwall Footpaths Preservation Society representatives with a view to correctly aligning/amending the footpaths in that vicinity. The Clerk to ask the Cornwall Council representatives to bring a digital map of the area so that the proposed routes may be plotted during the meeting.

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