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The Port of Hayle | Harvey’s Foundry | Picturing The Mines

Jul 12 , 2016 - Tue - 8:00 am

Hayle July 12, 2016 Harvey's Foundry Trust Ltd, 24 Foundry Square, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4HH, United Kingdom Times to be announced.

The Port of Hayle
Where: Harvey’s Foundry
When: Tuesday 12th July 2016
Themes: Harvey’s Foundry, Copperhouse Foundry – Port – Coal brought in Copper ore shipped out – Canal/railway/causeway/harbour – largest steam engines in the world exported all over the world

‘Tinth’ Anniversary – Celebrating the Cornish Mining landscape

In July 2006 the Cornish Mining landscape was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, this puts parts of Cornwall and West Devon on a par with the Pyramids, Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China in terms of their significance to humanity!

2016 marks the tenth anniversary of inscription and by way of celebration, the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Partnership and Cornwall Arts Centre Trust offered two commissions for cultural projects in Cornwall and Devon. These are intended to form a central part of the “Tinth” anniversary festival and we are thrilled that ‘Picturing the Mines’ was chosen as one of the commissions.

Picturing the Mines

A grass roots art project to commemorate and celebrate the Cornish and Devon Mining World Heritage Site

‘Our passion is for the visual, for creating images that strike a chord and stay in the mind. There are numerous images of the mines that will be familiar to many, our challenge is to find new ways of picturing the mining heritage and presenting this imaginatively in a context which will surprise, engage and excite; then to invest this in powerful objects we can share with future generations.’

Jesse Smith & Bernard Irwin

Ten locations, ten events, ten amazing maps, ten memorable images

Picturing the Mines begins with a series of exciting hands on visual map making events at a variety of venues across the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. Each one day event will be situated within one of the ten areas of the WHS.

These pictorial maps will be gathered together to form a unique atlas and we will then make beautiful presentation boxes for the maps and copper plate etchings; these will form a lasting legacy that both celebrates and commemorates the Tinth Anniversary.

Taking inspiration from these events we will also create a suite of ten copper plate etchings. We will be seeking out themes that seem particularly relevant to an area and which ignite our passion for striking and memorable imagery.


The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site is made up of 10 distinct areas within Cornwall and West Devon, these were all mineral mining districts during the industry’s period of greatest international impact from 1700 to 1914. The landscapes are made up of a great variety of visually arresting buildings [industrial, public and domestic], and related structures and landforms left behind by the progress of innovative deep mining technology. Equally important is the distinctive mining culture that created this amazing landscape and which was subsequently exported across the world. World Heritage Site status recognises the contribution that the people who shaped our landscape made to the development of the modern world.


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