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Interruption to Electricity Supply | Western power

Oct 11 , 2016 - Tue - 9:30 am

We need to temporarily interrupt your electricity supply

WHEN? From: 9:30am to 4:00pm on Tuesday, 11th October 2016

PLEASE NOTE - we expect to complete our work within the timescale but due to factors which may arise on the day the times are approximate.

As part of our extensive tree cutting programme, we need to carry out work on the High Voltage electricity network supplying your area.  This work includes the removal of branches in close proximity to our overhead lines.  This is necessary to maintain the reliability of your electricity supply, and mimimise the risk of trees causing faults and power cuts on our system in future.  Unfortunately, to do this work in safety, we need to make the overhead lines dead which will temporarily interrupt the supply to your premises.  If we plan to cu any trees on your property, we will notify you separately.

Although electrical products should cope with a short supply interruption, we advise that you switch off and unplug potentially sensitive electrical appliances such as computers and cable/satellite systems before the electric goes off.  You may also need to consider your property alarm systems. Further advice can be obtained by visiting our website