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Minutes from "Steam train 10.16am Wed up from PZ. Stops at Hayle. Engines only 8.55pm Tues" on 27 Apr 2016 - 10:20

Minutes for: Steam train at 10.16am Wednesday morning up from PZ. Stops at Hayle. Engines only come past 8.55pm Tuesday night from 27 Apr 2016 - 10:20 to 27 Apr 2016 - 10:20


Well we were told the steam train was going to stop at Hayle today but the chuffing thing didn't ??????

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Keith Letchford
Keith Letchford Very disappointed - spoiled my morning!
Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert So there was a diesel at the back pushing it all along?
June Graham Coles
June Graham Coles Think I heard one of the other engines failed?
Harley Richards
Harley Richards Yes the other loco it was due to double head failled on its way to London.
Keith Letchford
Keith Letchford I think there is always a diesel on the back of mainline steam excursions now, to avoid potential disruption to normal traffic in the event of engine failure.
Craig Munday
Craig Munday It was merely ticking over not powering
Margaret Hosking
Margaret Hosking wow amazing xxx
Claire Bird
Claire Bird no way, gutted i mist this
Harley Richards
Harley Richards Also why would it stop at Hayle?
June Graham Coles Don't know it never has before, but that's what I was led to believe.
Harley Richards
Harley Richards Nothing in Hayle!
June Graham Coles
June Graham Coles rich history!!
Patricia Willey
Patricia Willey harley richards all your family live in hayle will sort u out when your down next
Harley Richards
Harley Richards Sorry Nan! tongue emoticon
Patricia Willey
Patricia Willey i should think so i missed the train aswell
Lewis Harris
Lewis Harris Don't worry nan I'll sort him out for you
Harley Richards
Harley Richards Lewis Harris Fight me then! tongue emoticon
Lewis Harris
Craig Munday
Craig Munday Harley Richards shown up by your nan ??????
Lewis Harris
Harley Richards
Harley Richards Craig Munday Its quite sad isnt it.
Craig Munday
Craig Munday Harley Richards hey you never know who's around my ansum
Harley Richards
Harley Richards Should always look around every corner! tongue emoticon
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas The published times showed stops at both Hayle and Camborne. However, this would always have been unlikely given the necessity to restart the train on the banks. Great video like emoticon
Keith Letchford
Keith Letchford ... and St Erth, I believe.
Trevor Goldsworthy
Trevor Goldsworthy I think the stops were put in to allow the 10am HST which was running ahead, to clear the sections. It seems that they were not needed, so hence, no stops. It was sheduled to stop here in Camborne but did not. Here's my video of it passing Camborne. I know it's not Hayle, hope you will excuse that.
Keith Letchford
Keith Letchford Yes, we had a wave from the HST driver at the Plantation, they were well ahead.
June Graham Coles
June Graham Coles good video, at least it slowed down a bit by the time it got to Camborne, flew through Hayle !
Ben Richardson
Christina Dormer
Christina Dormer That's the same as last year it should have stopped at hayle but didn't
Mick French
Mick French Nice bit of film anyway! Thanks.
Peter Day
Peter Day
Peter Day Well it is Wednesday
June Graham Coles
Maureen Bennetts
Maureen Bennetts Natasha Davis
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Think the incline from Hayle station would be a bit too much if it stopped. Even with an old diesel electric pushing.
Natasha Davies
Natasha Davies Oh dear....fab video apart from me and my little one in it on the left :-S haha, she loved it though
Iverna Bird
Iverna Bird Lovely old timer only trouble was you were smelly and grubby when you got of
Simon Daniels
Simon Daniels Who cares.
Peter Billing
Peter Billing Did it Stop at Camborne? seeing as its a Wednesday!
Helen Read
Helen Read MalcolmAndrews here's another one for David
Christine Brown

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