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130317 | News from John Pollard Cornwall Councillor Hayle North


Horses on the Towans

I have received a number of complaints about the barbed wire that has been erected on part of Phillack Towans. I too share the concern about the fact that barbed wire has been used but I understand it is legal to do so. I arranged a meeting on the Towans with the representative of Natural England and the owner of the horses as well as some of those concerned. The wire surrounds the whole area and all paths will be kept open. Horses will only graze part of the site at any time and will be protected by an electric fence. the barbed wire is an extra level of safety. I fully support the use of horses to maintain the Towans and remove scrub, the owners know what they are doing and horses will only be kept there from October to March. The owners have the right to do all this but we must monitor the area closely and I would welcome any information users can provide.

Beach Access

Another long campaign has been the one to bring about a better access on to the beach at the Cove. Again I will not regale everyone with the details but needless to say it has been slow and difficult - However, sufficient funding is now in place, the tenders are awaited and we all believe that building will begin in the Autumn.

Footpath 22 - the bridge at West Terrace

As many will know, the footpath that goes from St. Elwyns Church to the back lane behind Penpol Terrace has been closed for nearly 7 years. We have been awaiting the repair of the bridge over the old wharves branch line which is in the ownership of ING/Hay le Harbour Company. Well it is with much relief that I understand that the repairs will begin on March 25th. the campaigning and cajoling that has been required to reach this position is unbelievable - lets hope it all happens!!


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