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Angarrack Screen Webcam

Very high - at least 0.615m

Saturday 26 2019 Leat flood relief level very highAngarrack Stream very high

Gaugemap [!Detail/8207/3553]:

Saturday 26 2019 Leat flood relief level very high

20th March 18 - screencam broken waiting part..

The EA tells us "with our Telemetry team to be repaired, and they say its in progress awaiting a part, but to re-assure you the high water level telemetry and alarms are all functioning normally and being monitored"

January 2018

Highest levels seen - possibly ever?

January 15 2018 Angarrack River Level


3 Jan 2016 09:30 peaked - photo at 10am

30 peaked - photo at 10am

Festive period 2015-16 | Angarrack Gauge

Festive period 2015-16 | Angarrack Gauge

December 2015 Angarrack gauge levels

December 2015 Angarrack gauge

Bit more rain levels

Angarrack levels Sat 7 Nov 2015

Heavy rain overnight, stream level risen quite a bit, quite a lot of weed in river

Angarrack gauge 151107

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Most Recently Entered Events

100 Club Draw April - Angarrack Christmas Lights

Apr 26 , 2020 - Sun - 7:30 pm

100 Club Prize Draw last Sunday of the month for 10 months.

Prizes are £25 or a pair of cinema tickets every month.

The winning numbers will be published on this website.

First draw for 100 Club 2020-2021.

Angarrack Christmas Lights Annual General Meeting 2020

Mar 9 , 2020 - Mon - 8:00 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the Angarrack Christmas Lights Committee is at 8pm in the village hall.

Elections to the committee will take place - all are welcome - as are new people on the committee!

Mobile Library | Friday 6 March 16:25

Mar 6 , 2020 - Fri - 4:25 pm

The mobile library stops at Angarrack this Friday - at the Angarrack Inn car park

It's free to join the Mobile Library
There is a lift for easier access. 

Well worth a visit!

Mobile Library | Friday 3 April 16:25

Apr 3 , 2020 - Fri - 4:25 pm

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the mobile library service will no longer be running until further notice. Cornwall Library Members can access a wealth of online reading - eBooks, Audiobooks, newspapers and magazines, comics and eGraphic novels: using our online library