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CLOSED | PA18/01106/PREAPP | Pre-application advice for use of garden as a camping site (tents only) for tourist holiday use and

Pre-application advice for use of garden as a camping site (tents only) for tourist holiday use and erection of two yurts. - 39 Steamers Hill Angarrack Hayle Cornwall TR27 5JB

Ref. No: PA18/01106/PREAPP | Status: Closed - advice given | Case Type: Planning Application


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29 May 2018 Letter - Informal Advice Given Cannot Measure Document  CLPREZ - ADVICE LETTER View Document
16 Apr 2018 Application Form Cannot Measure Document  PRE-APPLICATION FORM View Document
16 Apr 2018 Plan - Site Location Measure Document DRG 1 LOCATION PLAN View Document



Planning and Sustainable Development Service
Cornwall Council
Dolcoath Avenue Camborne Cornwall TR14 8SX
Your ref:
My ref: PA18/01106/PREAPP

Mr John Hewitt
39 Steamers Hill
TR27 5JB
Date: 29 May 2018

Dear Mr Hewitt

enquiry reference
Proposal Pre-application advice for use of garden as a camping site (tents
only) for tourist holiday use and erection of two yurts.
Location 39 Steamers Hill Angarrack Hayle Cornwall
Applicant Mr John Hewitt


I refer to your enquiry received on 16 April 2018 concerning the above and would inform
you that this letter is written on the basis of the information supplied with your enquiry
and the submitted drawings.

This is a desktop based pre-application response as no request was made for a site visit
or a meeting.

Site and Context:
Within the parish of Hayle, the application site is located to the east of the small village of
Angarrack and forms an area of land described by the applicant as a "the large garden"
associated with the existing dwellinghouse.

Access into the 0.55 (approx.) hectare site is via a private drive serving the existing
property which leads off the c class road known as Steamers Hill.

Outside of the identified settlement, the area surrounding the application site displays a
strong rural character.

The pre-application proposal relates to a proposal for use of the land as a seasonal
campsite, the erection of yurts and ancillary facilities including car parking, shower and
toilet facilities.

Site Constraints:
There are no specific landscape designations which apply to the site.

Site Planning History:
None relevant found.

Relevant Planning Policies and Guidance:
Your pre-application submission has been considered against policies in the development
plan, which in this instance includes the following relevant documents. This list includesPage 2
29 May 2018
reference to residential development and is not exhaustive but provides a focus for the
key issues against which the scheme should be considered.

Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030 adopted November 2016
Policy 1 - Presumption in favour of sustainable development
Policy 2 - Spatial strategy
Policy 2a - Key Targets
Policy 3 - Role and function of places
Policy 5 - Business and tourism
Policy 7 - Housing in the Countryside
Policy 12 - Design
Policy 13 - Development standards
Policy 21 - Best use of land and existing buildings
Policy 23 - Natural environment
Policy 24 - Historic environment
Policy 26 - Flood risk management and coastal change
Policy 27 - Transport and accessibility

Hayle Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) 2014 - 2030
Policy ST1 - Tourism development
Policy ST2 - Camping and caravan sites

National Planning Policy Framework (2012)
Paragraph 7 & 8 - Achieving sustainable development
Paragraph 14 - Presumption in favour of sustainable development
Paragraph 17 - Core planning principles
Section 3 - Supporting a prosperous rural economy
Section 4 - Promoting sustainable transport
Section 6 - Delivering a wide choice of high quality homes
Section 7 - Requiring good design
Section 10 - Meeting the challenge of climate change, flooding and coastal change
Section 11 - Conserving and enhancing the natural environment

Other Material Considerations:
Cornwall Design Guide (2013)
Hayle Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) 2014 - 2030 (Made May 2018).

Principle of Development:
The application site does not currently have any holiday usage. The Cornwall Local Plan
and the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan (which has been supported at the referendum and
therefore carries significant weight) provides support for the provision in principle of
sustainably located, high quality holiday accommodation that will be accessible by a
range of transport options, not increase traffic movements and have no adverse impacts
on the character of the countryside.

Additionally, the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan also requires that where any ancillary
facilities are required to serve persons staying on site, they are of a form, bulk and
general design which is in keeping with the surroundings.

However, in order to protect the countryside from numerous small scale pockets of
development a preference remains to expand and upgrade existing sites over the
creation of new sites, unless the new provision is of a high quality. New provision would
also need to meet the landscape policy tests as well as other general criteria.Page 3
29 May 2018

In consideration, in this case the site is not part of an existing tourism enterprise and
given its location, poor public transport and pedestrian links, I consider it inevitable that
the vast majority of visitors would arrive by private car and use private cars to get
around the local area including to any access facilities such as shops, public houses etc.

As such locating new holiday accommodation here would not readily facilitate the use of
sustainable transport modes.

Additionally, the provision of yurts is not considered to offer a sufficiently high quality or
unique type of provision to outweigh the concerns.

Notwithstanding the site is currently afforded some screening from the public highway as
a result of the existing boundary hedge, the development would in my opinion be visible
above the hedgeline and in views from distant vantage points and whilst it is accepted
that the type of accommodation is more temporary in nature, the provision of hard
servicing for car parking and access into and on the site, the associated domestic
paraphernalia such as tables and chairs, washing and the level of increased
domestication of the field from for example mowing will all act to increase the
obtrusiveness of the site in the wider landscape regardless of the level of screening that
is provided.

Undoubtedly whilst the proposal would deliver some limited level of additional private
benefit to the applicants, its public benefits would also be limited to a relatively small
contribution to the both the tourism offer and the local economy.

In conclusion I therefore consider that this is not an acceptable location for the proposed
tourism development as it conflicts with local development plan policies and national
guidance intended to direct development to appropriate locations, to protect valued
countryside and to safeguard the sustain local distinctiveness and character and protect
the natural environment.

You should note that this letter does not constitute a formal decision by the Council (as
local planning authority). It is only an officer’s opinion given in good faith, and without
prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application. However, the advice
note issues will be considered by the Council as a material consideration in the
determination of future planning related applications, subject to the proviso that
circumstances and information may change or come to light that could alter the position.
It should be noted that the weight given to pre-application advice notes will decline over

Yours sincerely
Hilary Gooch
Sustainable Development Officer
Planning and Sustainable Development Service
Tel: 01208 265696



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