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200928 | Pool & Illogan Highway - Number of Cases: 30 | 23rd September



Pool & Illogan Highway
MSOA Code:E02003922
Number of Cases:




Camborne West
MSOA Code:E02003924
Number of Cases:7


Camborne South
MSOA Code:E02003925
Number of Cases:8


Camborne East
MSOA Code:E02003923
Number of Cases:16


Redruth South
MSOA Code:E02003920
Number of Cases:10


Redruth North
MSOA Code:E02003919
Number of Cases:7


Illogan & Portreath
MSOA Code:E02003918
Number of Cases:3


Crowan, Wendron & Stithians
MSOA Code:E02003926
Number of Cases:4


TOTAL CASES WITH TESTS - 85 17th September to 23rd September


PHE Cluster map 17th September to 23rd September

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