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This is Cornwall | Christmas lights will shine out after all

Spotted on Thu 11 Aug 2011 in The Cornishman

Christmas lights will shine out after all

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Cornishman

ANGARRACK's famous festive lights have been saved.

The village was nearly left without its Christmas illuminations this year due to a shock electricity price hike.

Supplier EDF told the committee it had to pay a new standing charge of 30p for each of the village's eight meters, which would have doubled the annual bill of £800.

Committee member Mark Bolt said: "The committee felt that if they were forced to pay these costs and couldn't find any local sponsorship they might not be able to continue with the lights."

However, following a phone call by a reporter to the electricity company, EDF waived its early termination fee to allow the committee to switch to a new supplier.

Mr Bolt said: "I spoke to the committee and they were very appreciative of the sensible solution from EDF.

"It looks like the light will again be shining in Angarrack this Christmas."

A spokesman for EDF added: "We have spoken to Mr Bolt and explained that there would be a standing charge of 30p a day, but have also offered to waive the £500 early termination fee if the Christmas lights committee decide to find a tariff better suited to their specific needs."


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