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In respect of the hybrid planning application at South Quay & Foundry Yard, Hayle Harbour

Application Reference PA/08142

Submitted for Information Purposes

(July 2011)



Following the Strategic Planning Committee meeting on 9th Feb, the purpose of this paper is to provide further information in respect of how our planning application (PA10/08142) for South Quay will impact the fishermen and other users of the harbour.


1.1 Use of the Harbour

Hayle Harbour is currently run and regulated by Hayle Harbour Authority which is a ING owned company. Currently the harbour accommodates 27 fishing boats, 2 commercial boats and 107 leisure boats. Each boat pays harbour dues and they are regulated by way of an annual mooring licence. There are also a number of sports clubs which are licenced to use the harbour . These include a jet-ski club, canoe club and the local gig club.

1.2 Costs of running the Harbour

The harbour authority currently receives approximately £25,000-£30,000 (gross) per annum in harbour dues and has annual running costs in excess of £200,000. The costs of running the harbour has therefore been significantly subsidised by ING since taking ownership in 2004


2.1 Current Situation

Currently there are twenty seven fishing boats that are registered with moorings in the Harbour. These being spread across North Quay , East Quay, South Quay and Carnsew. In addition Hayle Harbour Fishermans Association has a compound on North Quay where they have facilities including a landing stage, lifting davits and an ice box. The fishermen therefore take on equipment and ice and land their catch on North Quay before returning to their allocated moorings around the harbour.

2.2 North Quay Infrastructure Works

Cornwall Council has recently appointed Carillion to carry out a major road, bridge and restoration of quay wall infrastructure works package on North Quay in connection with the delivery of a Marine Renewables Business Park. As landowner ING has entered into an agreement with Cornwall Council that obligates the Council to ensure that access is maintained for all local occupiers and harbour users (including the fishermen) during the works programme. Where any disruption is required, this should be kept to a minimum. Furthermore a slipway will be available for use throughout the works period.

The contractor is shortly to arrange a series of community liaison meetings to explain how their works programme may affect users.

Moorings may need to be relocated during the works period when the wall repairs for East and North Quay are being carried out, however it has been agreed with the Council that the contractor will only work on agreed sections at a time in order to minimise disruption. Road access to North Quay will be improved for the fishermen upon completion of these works.


2.21 North Quay - New fishermen’s compound
In January we completed legal agreements with the Hayle Harbour Fishermans’ Association (HFA) to move them to a new enhanced compound which is situated close to an existing slipway on North Quay. These works will provide a new landing platform, ice room with washdown and WC facilities. Once moved, the HFA will be occupying their new compound on the basis of a new long term lease. These works having been committed to within the North Quay Infrastructure Works mentioned above.


3.1 South Quay - Feedback from fishermen consultation

Having recently held meetings with a number of local fishermen we have established the following key concerns:
  • Security of boats, equipment and engines
  • Ongoing storage requirements for bait and equipment
  • Bait storage in harbour itself
  • Low cost moorings and harbour dues
  • Clear navigational channel at entrance to the harbour

From these discussions we have gained a good understanding about the two distinct types of fishermen operating in Hayle (Crabbers and Line) and their different needs.


4.1 Community Benefits – Outline of benefits relating to the commercial fisherman

Following the above consultations we are proposing the following initiatives that will benefit the fishermen in Hayle:

Security – Following completion of the wall repairs on North Quay arrange for additional ladders to be put in place so that all the fishermen can berth together on North Quay. In addition ING will provide funding to trail new security systems for boats within the harbour.

Storage Facilities – Should ING redevelop Cheftain Yard, which is the area where the fishermen currently store their equipment, we will ensure that an alternative site is provided.

World Heritage Site Levy - ING is committing to a ground rent regime across all of the ING land ownership within the original Masterplan (excluding Marine Renewables Business Park) so that each residential or commercial unit pays an agreed amount per annum to the costs of running and maintaining the harbour. The objective being to give the harbour a sustainable and self-funding long term future. The maintenance of the public realm and public space areas within South Quay will be paid for by way of a standard service charge contribution from all commercial and residential owners/occupiers.

Sluicing - ING is proposing to carry out repair works to both Carnsew Sluices so that sluicing can be reintroduced to help to keep the entrance to the harbour clear. Please refer to a separate Sluicing Briefing Note for further information.


5.1 South Quay – Bridge Options

ING is currently considering options for bridge links across Penpol Terrace. The two crossing points under consideration being as follows A) Fixed bridge at midpoint of quay B) Lifting

bridge at the end of quay (self operating). Both of these bridge locations were identified in the approved Outline Masterplan

A) Fixed bridge – With all the fishing boats being moved to North Quay none of the fishing boats will be affected by this bridge. Due to height clearance issues approx 27 leisure boats will need to be moved. However as we are providing13 new moorings on South Quay, 7 on North Quay and 7 on Lelant Quay, it is clear that these boats can all be relocated. 10 boats could stay in their current position and an additional 10 small boats have also been identified that could be moved south of the proposed bridge which are currently moored elsewhere in the harbour. These numbers don’t take into account the potential of introducing double berthing which could provide an additional 70 moorings. Double mooring is a common practice and is used throughout the UK with local examples being at Newlyn and Padstow. This proposal does not therefore lead to any shortage of moorings.

B) Lifting bridge - This more expensive bridge solution would have a lifting mechanism and will therefore not effect mooring positions or cause any loss of moorings.

5.2 Further consultation required

The application promotes a pedestrian footbridge link from South Quay to Penpol Terrace. The Council in consultation with the local community is currently considering whether the fixed bridge solution highlighted on the submitted application drawings is the most appropriate. The position of the bridge is subject to securing all necessary approvals and ING will be offering to make a financial contribution secured through the S106 legal agreement. Should an alternative location be deemed more suitable then the financial contribution can be used for this purpose


6.1 South Quay – Future mooring arrangements if quay is developed

The Current application allows for controlled vehicular access for leisure boat users to the open area at the end of the quay by prior arrangement with the Harbour Authority. This will allow for the loading and unloading of boats onto the quayside within a reserved area. The Promenade along the Penpol Creek side of South Quay will provide for pedestrian priority, although vehicular access will be made available for emergency services and maintenance purposes. Due to this being a busy pedestrian thoroughfare ING does not consider that it would be appropriate to have vehicles sharing this area, other than for these reasons stated. Trolleys will be introduced to assist with loading and unloading of boats on the quayside . Such arrangements are commonplace in ports and marinas throughout the UK.

Further support facilities for the harbour and boat users will remain available on North Quay and as per existing arrangements the commercial fishing boats will continue to unload fish from the HFA facilities on North Quay.

6.2 South Quay – Infrastructure Works Access Arrangements

Should planning permission be granted for the development of South Quay ING will ensure that whilst the repairs works take place to the harbour walls alternative moorings are made available for those boats affected. This being on a similar basis to the current arrangements in place for the North Quay Infrastructure Works.

6.3 Additional future moorings

In accordance with existing arrangements the Hayle Harbour Authority has powers under the Hayle Harbour Act 1989 to allocate moorings across the harbour. The Harbour Authority will therefore continue to use its discretion to allocate moorings depending on availability and demand in accordance with its obligations and powers under the Act.

As a general rule, the Harbour Authority will work with the existing users of the harbour and the fishing boats in particular, to ensure that operations are disrupted as little as possible during any construction works.


7.1 Bullet Point Summary

  • Fishermen’s facilities currently being enhanced on North Quay.
  • Security for fishermen to be enhanced
  • Long term commitment to storage facilities for fishermen
  • Sluicing repairs being carried to help keep harbour entrance clear and navigable.
  • Bridge proposals will not reduce number of boats in the harbour.
  • South Quay will remain available for local moorings.
  • These proposals therefore present no threat to fishermen or leisure boat users.
  • World Heritage Levy will provide revenue to cover costs of maintaining and running the harbour in the long term.

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