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Letter | Hayle does not need a Sainsbury's

As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton

Having recently carried out a survey among the public in Angarrack and with Hayle retailers, I would like to inform both the Hayle town and county councillors that the people they elected (sic) have voiced a clear message that they do not want a Sainsbury's supermarket in Hayle.

Ignoring the important fact that the majority of residents living in the Foundry and Copperhouse areas do not want any supermarket on the South Quay, and that the majority of residents living in Angarrack and Guildford Road do not want a supermarket on Marsh Lane, how can anyone honestly believe that either of these two areas could possible accept any additional flow of traffic?

In fact, the current daily traffic congestion we experience at the Loggans Moor roundabout and throughout Hayle town is already exceeding acceptable levels.

Sainsbury's say that they have been 'engaging' with other stakeholders such as the Environment Agency, the Highways Agency, Hayle Town Council and the County Council and the Chamber of Commerce; to which I ask them to produce the minutes from all of these meetings fo us to see and read?

Can I also suggest that these stakeholders talk to the local public, the small local retailers, Marks and Spencers, Lidl, the Co-op, the local petrol stations and the residents of Angarrack whose survey replies I will be only too glad to show them.

What benefits can a Sainsbury's bring to Hayle?  Will they be cheaper than Lidl? No.

Will their products be of a higher quality than Marks and Spencers? No.

Can they offer any 'close vicinity' advantages for the local small retailers as does the Co-op? No.

I think Hayle town has a great community that has been let down enormously for many years in the past by some of its town councillors, and more so by the old district Penwith District Council, but a Sainsbury's at a so-called 'out-of-town' location is not what we need.


Parialmentary candidate for UKIP and resident of Angarrack

17/12/2009 09:55 ...