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NEWS | 3 Feb 2011 | £14.25 million to fund infrastructure for future of Marine Renewables in Hayle |

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£14.25 million to fund infrastructure for future of Marine Renewables in Hayle

Last updated: 03/02/2011

Work has begun on a £14.25 million infrastructure project, which will be the first vital step in the future development of the Marine Renewables sector in Hayle, and the wider economic growth of West Cornwall.

The Hayle Harbour Primary Infrastructure Project is a public sector funded project which is essential in the delivery of the required infrastructure for the development of the proposed Marine Renewables Business Park.

The New Year heralds a new era for the Harbour with work now commencing on site following the final legal permissions being obtained and the appointment of the construction company Carillion to undertake the infrastructure works.

The necessary infrastructure works have begun and will include a new bridge over Copperhouse Pool, the repair of harbour walls on North and East Quay, the creation of a promenade along North Quay and flood protection works. There will also be a new road constructed; this will greatly enhance access to North Quay opening up the whole area for further regeneration. The works are anticipated to take 12 months to complete.

The infrastructure development is being funded by the UK Government (£4.25 million), the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Convergence Programme (£5 million) and Cornwall Council (£5 million).

John Pollard, Cornwall Councillor for Hayle North, said: “We have all been working together to deliver the Town’s ambition of making the development of Hayle Harbour a reality. We are delighted that the works on North Quay can now finally commence thanks to the combined investment made by County, Country and Continent to the tune of £15 million pounds.”

John Coombe, Cornwall Councillor for Hayle South, said: “I am delighted that for the first time in 50 years Hayle has been the recipient of such large and clearly focussed support and marks what we hope will be the beginning of the revival of our Harbour, which we have anticipated for so many years.”

This is part of an ambitious programme for reinforcing the Marine Renewables sector in the region, through securing a future location for the development of a specialist Marine Renewable Business Park. The Park will help support the Marine Renewable businesses in the region and secure the supply chain, including providing facilities for research and development. It will also provide support for the developers of the £42 million Wave Hub project, funded by the ERDF Convergence Programme and the South West Regional Development Agency.

This project will have a direct economic benefit for not only Hayle and West Cornwall, but also the region as a whole through opening up the area for further economic development.

Carolyn Rule, Cornwall Council Cabinet member for Economy and Regeneration, said: “This is fantastic news for the people of Hayle and for the economy of the area. With Wave Hub successfully deployed offshore we want to ensure that Hayle can maximise the onshore economic benefits of the marine renewables industry in years to come. A key plank of our Green Cornwall Strategy is to support emerging renewable energy industries like wave and solar power and this investment is an excellent example of that.”

Theo Leijser, Director at the South West Regional Development Agency said: “The project will support the South West RDA’s investment in Wave Hub with an onshore Marine Renewables Business Park that will provide workspace for device developers using Wave Hub, supply chain companies and other related businesses.”

Carleen Kelemen, Director of the Convergence Partnership Office for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, said, “This strategic investment will link a variety of regeneration initiatives involving business and research and development. It will strengthen the long term economic goals for the Convergence Programmes in Cornwall and for Hayle”.

George Eustice, the MP for the area, said: “Hayle was at the forefront of the last industrial revolution and the regeneration of North Quay with the potential to develop wave power means that our town has the opportunity to be at the centre of future industries such as renewable energy. We have waited a long time for the opportunity to rejuvenate our town and it is good to see the work finally beginning.”

Story posted 1 February 2011

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