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Vox pops: Your views on the plan | Report The Cornishman Thu 27 Aug 2009

As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton

Vox pops: Your views on the plan

Thursday, August 27, 2009, 09:50

IT'S going to bring a lot of people into the Foundry end of town but they need to integrate it into local retailers so that you can shop all around Penpol Terrace. It is about time something was done and in the current economic climate we may have to compromise for the good of the town.. The town is split in two at the moment and we need to forge an identity. Personally, I think the northern tip of South Quay should be used as a local hub with events, activities and a green space. We should demand that ING give us something for the good of the community in return for us agreeing to this. TOBY HUME-ROTHERY, owner of Salt Café, Hayle

The main worry is that they admit that the pretty artist's drawings are not guaranteed to be the way it will look and are only their impressions. The supermarket that comes in will design their own building. South Quay needs to be tidied up and development is long awaited but I am worried about traffic at Foundry Square – the roundabout is going to be very congested. Another supermarket is not necessarily the best use of South Quay – small retail and cafes would be better. The original application showed a mixture of different types of outlets but this is not what was promised. SHEELAGH DUNN, Canonstown

It looks good as long as they stick to the plans. They must consider the visual impact from Penpol Terrace because we don't want to be looking at a concrete wall. More people will come into the town but it needs to be more social and cosmopolitan with trees and walkways. To radically change the plans from North Quay to solely concentrate on South Quay tells me that somebody has come in and offered big money. Whoever it is so long as it is visually pleasing then that's all right with us.


I think it would be dangerous having it so close to the water and I don't know how they are going to stop cars going over the edge. Also you have got to think about the view from the houses in Penpol Terrace. They used to be able to see right out into the estuary and that is going to be lost. ING just want to grab as much money as they can and get out. They are rubbing people up the wrong way when they should be looking after us. We are the ones who make the decision.

NEIL HARVEY, Angarrack

I rent a property in the town and drive through quite a lot and I have mixed feelings about the plans. A supermarket would be very handy but it is not going to provide the same variety we were originally promised with the previous scheme. If a supermarket had originally been included in the plans they would not have got permission – this is doing it via the back door route. It could make traffic congestion worse because holidaymakers will drive through the town.


We need something in the town, it looks very smart and it will create jobs. We must remember that if we are going to build all these houses the people living in them have all got to eat. Some of the walkways are really nice and if they stick to the plans they are showing here it could be a real boost to the town.


It is like a bomb site at the moment and we desperately need something in Hayle. I am all for it but I don't agree with it being so big. You don't want it to go too high and something single storey would be better. If you look at Asda stores they're are all in keeping with their surroundings and nice and low.


The place needs a decent size store from a reputable company either here or out of town. People are selfish and only think of themselves but the town is quite long and we have got to think about everybody. South Quay would be more accessible to the general public because a lot of people don't drive. It is inevitable that lots of houses are going to be built and those people need food to be provided. You will never get a perfect solution.


We are only talking about a supermarket here and we need one so on the whole I approve of the plans. The Coop needs competition. I think people coming to the town might park there and shop so the traffic congestion might not be as bad as some people say.