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Angarrack Christmas Lights volunteer

If you'd like to help in any way please do get in touch.  You don't have to join the committee if you'd prefer not to, there are lots of other ways you can help!

Just let us know what you're good at and how to contact you - if you'd like to fill in the form below that would be great, or feel free to email or call Nikki on 07595 418 887 or Nigel on 07469 876 911 or text them (if texting please leave your name!) contact us on Facebook @AngarrackChristmasLights or Twitter @angarrackinfo
Yes please - I'd like to volunteer to help Angarrack Christmas lights
If you're especially good at something be it baking, holding ladders, wiring/electrical or being cheerful do please let us know.
Similarly if there are good times of day or week for you to help please tell us that.