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Angarrack has one of the best Christmas Lights displays in Cornwall, but there's more the to village than that - come and see some of the history of the village, and meet the people of Angarrack


Angarrack Village, near Hayle in Cornwall is a small but lively village which is famous for its railway viaduct, Angarrack stream, the steepness of its valley (making the Angarrack incline necessary on the old Copperhouse Railway together with giving Steamers Hill its name - where horses were used), the Angarrack Inn and, possibly most famous for the Angarrack Christmas Lights which have won the Pirate FM Best Village Award several times.

The hub of the village is the newly refurbished Community Centre Angarrack Community Centre - which is busy with a wide variety of activities , the Angarrack Inn Angarrack Inn Xmas Tree which is now (as of August 2014) under new management and is again producing delicious food.

The redoubtable fund raising efforts of the Angarrack Christmas Lights Committee to fund the ever increasing stock of lights is also a catalyst for many of the events happening in and around the village all year - including the Duck Race with a series of hotly contested (and backed) races culminating with the Race of Champions.

The Christmas Lights Committee sends out newsletters - click here to see online copies of the newsletters

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