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1948 | Anganack Methodist Church was re-opened last week, after renovation

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1895 | TO LET, with early possession, the "ANGARRACK INN" | Apply Ellis and Son, The Brewery

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Cornwall Cornishman Newspaper Archives, Apr 25, 1895, p. 8
__ TO LET, with early possession, the “ ANGARRACK INN, ” Angarrack, near Hayle. Incoming moderate and by valuation.—Apply Ellis and Son, The Brewery, ...


1934 | A PEACEFUL (ANGARRACK) VALLEY - opportunity of purchasing copies of an artist s proof edition

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1725 | Reverberatory furnaces: Chyandour has 4, Ludgvan 2, Treloweth 3, Lelant 3 and six at Angarrack | Kalmeter journal

The Chyandour smelter with its four stacks, one for each furnace (photo courtesy of Morrab Library Photo Archive)

By 1725 the picture has changed dramatically and the details are provided by Henric Kalmeter in his journal. Chyandour now has four reverberatory furnaces having been converted from a blowing houses in 1717. Ludgvan has has two reverberatory furnaces opened in 1724 to replace the old blowing house. Treloweth, at Rose an Grous, has three reverberatory furnaces erected in 1720 and lastly, Trereife has four reverberatory furnaces dating from about 1716. In addition there are now three furnaces at Lelant and six at Angarrack, both of which might well have sent tin to Penzance to be coined. Not only has the technology changed to meet the demands of lode mining but the capacity has increased hugely.  read more »

180525 | Hayle's 5th Century Christian burial stone, the Cunaide Stone subject of ongoing conservation work and investigatory 3D

Measuring letters
The Cunaide Stone after being moved inside the Heritage Centre. Sue is seen here applying paper pulp to absorb the moisture.
Conservator Sue Kelland and Heritage Centre Volunteer Dave Birch cleaning the stone.
Archaeologist Tom Goskar carrying out close-range laser scanning on the stone.
Tom conducting photogrammetry.
Raw views of the “point cloud”.

After hundreds of years atop an Iron Age hill fort, Hayle's 5th Century Christian burial stone, the Cunaid  read more »

1838 | Francis Harvey inherits Angarrack Inn due to Matthew Tremayne's debts of £225. Joseph Hockin(g) Innkeeper

In his will Matthew Tremayne left the Inn to his children, but he died admitting he owed over £100 to Francis Harvey.

7 March 1838 the children added to the will that Preston Wallis "the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased may be granted  and committed in due form of Law to Francis Harvey of  the Parish of Phillack, Draper, a  creditor of the said deceased and also a Trustee named and appointed in and by the said Will. And we do hereby promise"

12 Mar 1838 Francis Harvey went to the Archdeaconry Court of Cornwall to prove the debt was £225.

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1833 | namely the Inn now in the occupation of my son William together with the stable and other outhouses thereto belonging

In father's will: "I give and bequeath unto my children, William, Henry, Alfred, John, Samuel and Mary equally all the property whatsoever that is my free inheritance namely the Inn now in the occupation of my son William together with the stable and other outhouses thereto belonging and the garden adjoining"

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