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200201 | Hello Hayle

Hello Hayle

We started a new adventure! We wanted to work with St.Austell’s Brewery. We had never been to Cornwall. Never been to the south of England. We haven’t seen much of Great Britain at all really.

We are from Canada. But let me start at the beginning of this journey.... We received a call –St. Austell’s had a lovely pub called the Cornish Arms (Hayle) would we be interested? John and I decided to take a road trip ( we were currently living in Morecambe enjoying the views of Morecambe Bay). We drove down to Hayle with Charlie Fynn our goldendoodle dog –quite the drive. Arrived at the pub and stayed in the holiday let  a 2 bedroom flat) –the pub looked lovely –the people were friendly.

The next day we tried the Sunday Roast ( October 6th) -and we fell in love. (big foodies) –Put in our offer on the 10th –accepted on the 14th –and packed and moved our lives to Hayle and arrived on October 28th. We opened the Cornish Arms on the 1st of November. We haven’t looked back since. What lovely people live in Hayle –what characters , what story tellers, we feel so welcomed here. People ask us “ How do you like it here?” –truthfully ....we love it. ! And its only January! Looking forward to meeting you all –come and visit –tell us about Hayle –we will tell you about Canada and we will continue to make friends and form connections to this magical place! Cheers !   




Cornish Arms (Hayle)
John, Bernadette and Charlie Fynn the dog. ( who has met more than 100 dogs in the past 2 months)

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