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120622 | Food Standards Agency - Search for food hygiene ratings

Spotted on Cornwall Council website Friday 22 June 2012

National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (NFHRS)

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Food Hygiene RatingThe NFHRS is run in partnership with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and is becoming the national scheme taking over from “Scores on the Doors”, providing consumers with an easy to understand single scheme across the UK.

How are the ratings worked out?

Local food businesses are inspected to make sure that all food handled and prepared is safe to eat.

After a premises has been inspected it is given a rating based on the findings of the inspection. The rating goes from zero (indicating that the business needs to improve their standards); to five (which will mean that consumers can be confident that high standards are being maintained). You can view and search for premises in Cornwall that have been given a rating on the food standards agency food hygeine pages.

Three areas of the inspection are assessed having regard to food law

  • food hygiene
  • structure and cleanliness
  • confidence in management

The rating will not take into account the quality of food or service.

The businesses are asked to display their award certificate. If they wish to do so a business may appeal their score, request a revisit and/or post a ‘right of reply’ on the FSA website. Please use the following forms to request any of these services;

Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides more details.

For further information please contact one of the food safety team either on 0300 1234 212 or by using the Environmental Health contact form.

Scheme disclaimer

The food hygiene rating scheme is not an endorsement of current standards but merely reflects the score we awarded a premises at the time of their inspection. Nevertheless we try very hard to make sure the information available on these pages is correct and in the case of the food hygiene rating scheme adheres to the FSA’s brand standard.

Following an inspection it may take up to 28 days for the new rating to appear on the FSA website.

For information these are the ratings for postcode TR27 as at Friday 22 June 2012

Food safety inspections Cornwall

The Old Quay House, The Old Quay House Inn, Griggs Quay, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 6JG
25 May 2012 01:00

Rating: 5

Jack's Fish Bar, Jacks Fish Bar, 31 Turnpike Road, Connor Downs, Hayle, TR27 5DT
17 May 2012 01:00

Rating: 5

Rosewarne Manor, 20 Gwinear Road, Connor Downs, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5JQ
04 May 2012 01:00

Rating: 5

The Bay Bistro, St Ives Bay Holiday Park, 73 Loggans Road, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5BH
27 April 2012 01:00

Rating: 3

Restaurant & Chefs Corner, Tolroy Manor Holiday Village, Tolroy Road, St Erth Praze, Hayle, TR27 6EA
23 April 2012 01:00

Rating: 1

The Bluff, 19 Riviere Towans, Phillack, Cornwall, TR27 5AF
10 April 2012 01:00

Rating: 5

Gwinear Pitch & Putt, Gwinnear Pitch And Putt, 15 Relistian Lane, Reawla, Hayle, TR27 5HE
30 March 2012 01:00

Rating: 5

Godrevy Cafe, Godrevy Towans, Gwithian, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5ED
16 March 2012 00:00

Rating: 5

Diing Tay, 17 Penpol Terrace, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4BQ
15 March 2012 00:00

Rating: 0

Jam Pot Cafe, 113 Gwithian Towans, Gwithian, Cornwall, TR27 5BU
15 March 2012 00:00

Rating: 2

Red River Inn/Village Store, 1 Prosper Hill, Gwithian, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5BW
07 March 2012 00:00

Rating: 5

Cafe 7, 7 Market Square, Copperhouse, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4EA
28 February 2012 00:00

Rating: 1


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