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According to the (sadly rarely updated) (latest news 13th December 2012!) the Master plan (from - last updated 06 August 2012 14:16:30)

The Masterplan for Hayle Harbour

The history of Hayle during the great years of 1750-1850 was defined by huge strides fuelled by ambition and driven by a sense of achievement. Recent Hayle history will not be viewed so kindly. Ten years short of its bicentennial Harvey's ceased to exist in 1969* and the harbour was inauspiciously divided into 10 lots in 1983 and sold at auction.

In the preceding 25 years plans were put forward, debated and fell by the wayside as parties failed to agree. The only outcome was that the harbour lost more of its unique heritage to the scrap companies and the very special assets which were still in place such as the Harbour walls and quayside crumbled even further.

Local people who had watched the parties concerned fall out, began to view the regeneration of the Harbour as an impossibility given the constant arguments. The Redevelopment of the Harbour had now become so complex that only the generation who remembered Harveys was interested – those of an age to be not be affected looked to other Cornish Towns which were regenerating for jobs and income.

ING acquired the harbour in 2004 and despite the worst global economic collapse in one hundred years have maintained their commitment to the project.

The outline ING Masterplan was finally approved at Committee in 2009 and is now the catalyst for the investment of £30 million of new investment in Hayle, which will create new jobs and economic growth. Independent economic research has indicated that the masterplan will deliver over 500 jobs.

In June 2010 ING committed to a legally binding agreement to pay for a large number of high cost items that have been put forward by the Environment Agency, Natural England, The Highways Agency and a number of other statutory bodies to bring significant improvement to Hayle and its surrounding areas.

The Financial commitments includes over £12 million of benefits payable by ING that relate to North Quay, South Quay and the Harbour

The new Marine Renewables Business Park

Better infrastructure and a new road is crucial to the new Marine Renewables Business Park, which will be home to the new Wave Hub. Wave Hub is leading edge technology that will put Hayle and North Quay at the forefront of global marine renewables.

The interest Wave Hub has already created leads to all concerned to be very optimistic that further renewable technology businesses will want to cluster around Wave Hub sooner rather than later.

The Master plan and North Quay Phase 2

The new North Quay improvements will make getting to the beach easy whether you have a pushchair or need a helping hand.

The route will be home to waterfront cafes and restaurants lining the waters edge with stunning views. It will be a place to stop and enjoy a drink or have a meal or just watch the sunset. North Quay will be a working waterfront with boats and moorings making a lively backdrop.

North Quay will be home to a Fisherman's Quay to enhance the facilities available for local fishermen.

A unique waterside location next to Fisherman's Quay to provide for associated businesses specialising in local seafood and produce, with the potential for a shop and a seaside restaurant/specialist wet fish shop.

The opportunity to attract a Sailing Club and training school adjacent to the Fisherman’s Quay will be particularly beneficial to the harbour.

A variety of residential houses with south/south east facing gardens and waterside views. The cliff will form a feature along the back of North Quay with access between the hilltop and waterfront through a series of public spaces.

Phase 3

The third phase of Development will see the creation of simple white coastal villas above the cliff top area will sit within the Towans with views over the estuary and harbour.

A disabled friendly path providing easy access winding its way up through a small coastal park linking the Hilltop and North Quay.

A beach car park with easy access situated in the restored dune area where previous haphazard parking area has damaged the landscape.

Phase 4: East Quay

The site of the former Gas Works and many arguments between Harveys and The Cornish Copper Company East Quay has excellent views of the Harbour and Hayle Estuary

The original masterplan indicated that East Quay will be earmarked for a landmark building which is very much still the case.

Phase 5: Riviere Fields

Residential dwellings on Riviere Fields will overlook Copperhouse Pool, the original Copperhouse Dock and canal which was created by The Cornish Copper Company. Arranged around a new central green, it will take advantage of stunning views to provide a high quality development, with links to footpaths around Copperhouse Pool including Black Rock Bridge and Memorial Walk.

It will contrast with the Hilltop development on the Towans, having a more urban feel similar to some of the more attractive and established residential areas on other slopes around Hayle. It will benefit from strong pedestrian and cycle linkages to Phillack, Copperhouse, North Quay and the beaches.

* Harveys was in effect United Builders Merchants when it claimed to be 200 yrs old in 1979.


The Masterplan for Hayle Harbour

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