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As reported in The Hayle Pump October 01, 2012


Readers will remember issue 102 where Mr Channon provided an aerial harbour view, and the Hayle Harbour Trust mentioned a draft options paper from Cornwall Council on possible options for future management.

In issue 103 SOS, SAVE OUR SANDS Hayle reported that their members had voted to support the harbour being run as a local Charitable Trust. We the HAYLE HARBOUR SUPPORT GROUP differ. After careful consideration consultation and research on the options, our considered view is that Hayle Harbour should be taken over by Cornwall Council as a Municipal Port. Cornwall Council should take ownership and create a Municipal Harbour Board. This would consist of up to 12 members with relevant qualifications and experience. Half, (including the harbour master) appointed by the Council and the other half by open advertisement and independent recruitment. This way the Council would have overall control of the port, adopting the recommendations of Modern Trust Ports concerning accountability, governance and finance whilst allowing the port to be more independent as a non-executive function of the Council.

Hayle harbour is in a unique position in that its regeneration is central to future prospects of the town, opening up further opportunities within the wider harbour landscape.

Large amounts of public money have been invested in the harbour infrastructure, so it makes sense that Cornwall Council should safeguard its (our) investment and be involved in any outcomes.

Under Council ownership the port will benefit from the existing Cornwall Council Harbour Board that already governs other Cornish harbours. A single maritime service is being established by the Council and its experience will bring existing skills, knowledge and experience to the running of the harbour, It is also the strongest option to ensure future financial security and stability of Hayle as a port.

Importantly, this is the most democratic way of ensuring wide accountability to the population. The linkage of a Municipal Port to a Port Board is an effective way of ensuring Hayle people are closely involved in the future development of the harbour. The setting up of other ownership models seems unnecessary when a tried and tested solution is readily available. Why reinvent the wheel, especially in the current economic climate?

We pay tribute to Cornwall Council for its fine work achieving the new bridge and infrastructure, none of which would have happened without the efforts of Cornwall Councillors J. Pollard and J. Coombe and Town Councillor. Graham Coad, often against fierce opposition.