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200715 | Woman makes thousands of face masks for people across Cornwall

Woman makes thousands of face masks for people across Cornwall

Woman makes thousands of face masks for people across Cornwall
Cornish Masks CV19

Published by Sarah Yeoman at 7:57am 15th July 2020.

A woman from Cornwall had told Pirate FM how she has made over 7,000 face masks for people since the start of lockdown.

Danni Wills from Illogan decided to start making fabric face coverings and donated them to carers in the Duchy.

She's been busy creating them over the past few months, with the help of a friend, for anyone who wants one.

It has all been done via her Facebook page, Cornish Masks CV19.

Now she is being inundated with requests as it will become compulsory to wear one in all shops and supermarkets from next Friday.

Anyone who doesn't faces being fined up to £100 by police.

Danni is now appealing for funds towards fabric and also donations towards costs, so she can try and keep up with demand.

face masks Cornish Masks CV19
Cornish Masks CV19

"I lost a couple of family members last year so I was going through a bit of grieving, and this has kind of taken place of that grieving if you know what I mean, we've got two sons here and they join in and pack when I ask them to and my husband cuts all the elastic for us, he's really good.

"What we make are double layer, 100 percent cotton, very easy to wear, they have got to be worn over your nose and under your chin. So these are never ever going to 100 percent stop you from getting coronavirus, but they are about 95 percent that they will stop you catching it and stop you giving it.

"For us making masks we've just been making and making every single day, we work seven days a week, and we just hope that we've got enough sort of back numbers now to be able to help everyone that we can."

Danni Wills, Cornish Masks CV19

You can find the link to the Just Giving page here.

face masks Cornish Masks CV19
Cornish Masks CV19




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