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201022 | Eight new areas of Cornwall report coronavirus clusters in latest Government update | 27 areas currently have clusters

Eight new areas of Cornwall report coronavirus clusters in latest Government update

The number of areas with coronavirus clusters - meaning three or more infections - currently stands at 27

COVID survivor pleads with public to ‘be sensible’ and wear a mask
COVID survivor pleads with public to ‘be sensible’ and wear a mask

Eight new clusters of coronavirus infections have been reported in the latest daily update, produced by UK Government and Public Health England.

The new clusters, which are defined as areas with three or more coronavirus infections in a population size of roughly 7,500, show new outbreaks in Saltash Latchbrook and St Stephens, Mid Saltash, Torpoint, St Agnes and Mount Hawke, Truro East, Redruth North, Redruth South and St Austell East and Carlyon Bay. All the newly-reported clusters currently consist of 3 infections.

Today’s update covers the week from October 12 to October 18, meaning positive tests that were reported on October 11 no longer appear on the map.

No previously-reported clusters have been removed from today’s update, with two of those clusters reporting a small drop in the infection numbers in those clusters.

What is a coronavirus cluster?

The Government’s coronavirus cluster map splits the country into areas of roughly 7,500 people, based on the 2011 census, known as Middle Super Output Areas (MSOAs).

The map highlights areas where three or more coronavirus cases have been reported for a week period, with the numbers coming off of the map a week after being confirmed positive. This means a case reported on October 11 would no longer display on today’s map, which is for October 12 to October 18.

Areas not highlighted do not necessarily have no coronavirus cases in them, as the map does not highlight or count areas with less than three cases - meaning that if an area has one or two cases, it will display as 0 to 2 cases.

Some areas appear larger on the map than others due to the methodology used. An area where 7,500 people are split across a large, rural area of villages will appear larger on a map than a town or city centre- for example, the area for the town of Wadebridge would appear smaller than Camelford and Tresmeer, which is mostly rural.

A few clusters also reported an increase in the number of reported infections. Kingsand, Antony and Maryfield, in South East Cornwall, Penzance Quay, Falmouth North and Newquay West reported an increase of two cases while Shortlanesend, Chacewater and Carnon Downs, Crowan, Wendron and Stithians, Helston, Hayle, Wadebridge as well as Falmouth West and South all reported an increase of one case.

Lostwithiel and Penwithick remain the only cluster still in double figures, with positive tests currently standing at 10 cases in this area.

Areas with fewer than three cases do not feature in the Government statistics, meaning coronavirus infections between October 12-October 18 in those areas currently stand at between zero and two cases.

Coronavirus Cases in Cornwall- October 12 to October 18

(Note: the numbers in brackets are the difference between today’s reported coronavirus cases for the time period October 12- October 18 and yesterday’s which covered the time period October 11-October 17).

Lostwithiel and Penwithick- 10 cases (no change)

Kingsand, Antony and Maryfield- 7 cases (+2 cases)

Penzance Quay- 7 cases (+2 cases)

Ponsanooth, Mabe Burnthouse and Constantine- 7 cases (-1 case)

Shortlanesend, Chacewater and Carnon Downs- 6 cases (+1 case)

Crowan, Wendron and Stithians- 5 cases (+1 case)

Newquay West- 5 cases (+2 cases)

Helston- 5 cases (+1 case)

Hayle- 5 cases (+1 case)

Wadebridge- 4 cases (+1 case)

Poundstock and Kilkhampton- 4 cases (no change)

Callington and Pensilva- 3 cases (no change)

Camelford and Tresmeer- 3 cases (no change)

Launceston- 3 cases (no change)

Liskeard- 3 cases (no change)

Saltash Latchbrook and St Stephens- 3 cases (New Cluster)

Mid Saltash- 3 cases (New Cluster)

Torpoint- 3 cases (New Cluster)

St Agnes and Mount Hawke- 3 cases (New Cluster)

Truro East- 3 cases (New Cluster)

Mylor Bridge and Frogpool- 3 cases (no change)

Falmouth North- 6 cases (+2 cases)

Falmouth West and South- 4 cases (+1 case)

Redruth North- 3 cases (New Cluster)

Redruth South- 3 cases (New Cluster)

St Columb Major and St Mawgan- 3 cases (-1 case)

St Austell East and Carlyon Bay- 3 cases (New Cluster)




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