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200822 | Cornwall campsite Churchtown Farm's plea to angry holidaymakers

22nd August

Cornwall campsite Churchtown Farm's plea to angry holidaymakers

The flowers left at Churchtown Farm caravan and campsite in Gwithian

The flowers left at Churchtown Farm caravan and campsite in Gwithian

Flowers have been sent to a campsite receptionist after she was left bearing the brunt of holidaymakers' frustrations - leading to a plea from her employers for people to be kinder.

It is after Churchtown Farm at Gwithian took the decision to remain closed for this summer's tourist season, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The James family, which owns the caravan and camping site, has been providing regular updates on its website and after previously announcing it would be closed for July and August, at the end of last month they confirmed the closure would be extended to September and October also, the remainder of the 2020 season.

Explaining about their concerns earlier in the year, before the decision to close fully was taken, the family said: "Cornwall has one main hospital which is 16 miles from Gwithian.

"With the volume of people who intend to visit, this could put major stress on our local system, which is another reason why we are limiting bookings, in addition we are not guaranteeing to be open in 2020."

The subsequent decision not to open has not gone down well with everyone, however, with the family having to go on to post a request for people not to take their frustrations out on their receptionist.

After thanking those who had supported their decision, the family said in their most recent website update: "We understand how many people were looking forward to staying here, we can only apologise.

"Please try to understand and appreciate our choice and don’t take your frustration out when contacting Jess our receptionist please.


"All requests can be dealt with, and any questions you may have can be answered, we just need your patience.

"This will be the first year that the James’s campsite, Churchtown Farm, has not been open in over 50 years, we have not taken this decision lightly, but then we do feel we have put everyone’s safety first before our financial gain."

News of Jess's experiences reached Cornish campaign group Kernow Matters To Us, which was so upset that they decided to send her some flowers.

A spokesperson for the group said: "Imagine our horror to hear that Jess the receptionist there had received a 'hard time' from holiday makers wishing to stay there and venting their frustration out on her which resulted in an appeal by the site owners, the very respected Andrew James and family, asking tourists to ease up on their sometimes unpleasant demands - 'cut some slack' as our folks across the pond would say.

"Accordingly, we at Kernow Matters To Us decided to send her and Churchtown Farm an arrangement of flowers to say that we and many others care and were concerned to hear of this.

"We hope they bring a little happiness."

The group contacted Flower Power florists in Fore Street, Redruth, which delivered an arrangement on its behalf.

"We encourage all to support Churchtown Farm when this crisis has passed, which hopefully it will, and we thank Tony and our team, Sally and 'Flower Power' and Paul of the Kernow Credit Union where our funds are managed for enabling this gesture," added the group.

"We wish Andrew and his family and Jess better fortunes next year and hopefully all the regular - and pleasant - tourists will support you and return."

A member of Churchtown Farm told the Packet: "All from Churchtown Farm are very appreciative and thankful for the flowers.

"Thank you also to the locals for the response we have had with them following our decision to stay closed."

FaImouth Tribune 22nd August 5:16 pm
9 How dare these visitors vent their spleen on a female receptionist. They seem to have left their manners behind in the rush to get here. Good riddance to them.
And well done to the group "Kernow Maters To Us" for the wonderful gesture in a bunch of flowers.

Last Updated: 24th August 7:49 pm

Gilly Zella Martin 22nd August 5:33 pm
14 Sadly there are some people who are unnecessarily unkind and rude to others, both visitors to the county and local residents, but fortunately for every unkind person, there are many more full of kindness on which to focus. It is a shame this receptionist was subjected to this behaviour, and it was a lovely kind move by the 'Kernow Matters To Us' group.

Last Updated: 24th August 8:28 pm

[Deleted] 22nd August 8:01 pm
0 [Deleted]

Last Updated: 22nd August 8:02 pm

Boy Jack 22nd August 8:01 pm
13 It seems Cornwall is attracting the scrapings of Hell this year, so please don't be too upset about these people. You are doing the right thing and I am sure most people around you including the residents of west Cornwall wholeheatedly support your decision. It is so unfair that people such as your receptionist Jess, who after all is only doing her job, is subject to such abuse. God bless you all and don't let this put you off!

Last Updated: 24th August 8:28 pm

1spy 24th August 8:54 am
6 The Chavs and Plebs are not welcome in Cornwall. Please go back to Greece and Ibiza next year.

Last Updated: 1 hr ago

robin j 24th August 2:57 pm
2 Dear angry guest.
We are not immune, down here.
We are safe.
We are safe because we are sensible.
Thats what makes it safe for people such as yourself.
(Optional extra: "And if you don't want to be safe and sensible here, you can bugger off back to Bournemouth beaches, or Benidorm, or anywhere else that will have you...."

Last Updated: 1 hr ago

Chrissie Manfredi 24th August 5:02 pm User ID: 2375065
4 The campsite should be applauded for their decision. How can people be so unkind and selfish in these difficult times. I feel for the receptionist concerned. And applaude the responsible actions of the campsite owners 100%. It's a welcome refreshing change for a business to put the health and lives of people first, before profit. These sort of people need to re examine themselves carefully. After all they would be the first to complain bitterly should they end up in hospital ill and infected.

Last Updated: 1 hr ago




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