A COMPANY in Hayle will have to pay out over £80,000 for failing to ensure the safety of employees who were working with ionising radiation.

Terrill Bros (Founders) Ltd, who are based on the Guildford Road industrial estate in Hayle appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday, April 14 on two counts of failing to restrict exposure to ionising radiation. 

The offences took place over a ten-year period dating back to 2009 and the court heard how the company had undertaken work involving ionising radiation frquently. 

Prosecutors informed the court that the work that involved ionising radiation took place in an enclosure that was separate from other buildings, however, that a locking system for the enclosure was inadequate.

The court also heard how the company had failed to ensure an access door was fitted to further limit the risk of exposure and that a suitable warning device had not been fitted to either the outside or inside of the enclosure.

The company had first been made aware of its non-compliance with safety regulations back in May of 2009 after a visit from the company's external radiation advisor. 

What followed was a period of ten years during which the company received 14 reports on and had three visits from the Environment Agency, all giving recommendations upon which the company failed to act.

In 2019, the matter was referred to the Health and Safety Executive who immediately notified the company to cease its work with ionising radiation. 

The prosecution told the court that at that point "instead of putting right that which was wrong, the company decided to cease its work altogether."

While there was no evidence of any actual harm being caused by the failings, Recorder Richard Tutt said: "The company failed to take all necessary steps to prevent the exposure of its employees to ionising radiation. 

"Warnings of non-compliance were first noted on May 13, 2009. Those first warnings came after a visit from the company's external radiation.

"In the ten years that followed, there were numerous visits and recommendations, none of which led to any changes being made. 

"The enclosure did not meet expectations of a reasonable level of radiation protection."

"The defendant fell far short of the recommendations and allowed the breaches to subsist for a long period of time."

Recorder Tutt sentenced Terrill Bros (Founders) Ltd to pay a fine of £33,750 and costs of £47,601 which the company has 12 months to do.