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  • Neils Garden Care

    Welcome to Neil's Garden Care.

    I am a local Cornish business which covers West Cornwall and offers personal services to its clients. No job is to small. We also offer a free no obligation estimate. 


    Hedge Trimming.

    Lawn Mowing big or small.

    Allotment Rotavating.

    Pressure Washing.

    Gutter Cleaning.

    General Garden Care.

    Branches Felled.

    Painting ETC. 

    Website :

    FaceBook :

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  • Cherry Trees Gardening And Property Services

    Cherry Trees was established in 1996 to meet the growing need for cost effective Gardening & professional outdoor maintenance services in west Cornwall. Our customer list is extensive and no job is too small! whether the smallest domestic residence or large commercial project.

    Being a local Cornish company we can fully understand the needs of our customers and problems the region encounters, particularly with changing weather patterns.

    01736 755305

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  • Property Repairs, Maintenance | Mal

    Property Repairs, Maintenance & Installations

    Plumbing - Electrical - PAT - Renewable

    No Job too BIG or small

    Free Estimates

    Fully Qualified to all current Regs

    Call Mal on

    or email

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  • Sports Massage Therapist | Steve West I.I.S.T. Dip. vtct

    Steve West
    I.I.S.T. Dip. vtct

    Sports Massage Therapist
    mobile service

    Roseview No, 13
    Carwinard Close
    TR27 5JA

    phone: 01736-752217 mobile: 07727572737

    or email

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