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A hub of promise | Letters: The Cornishman, May 29, 2014 | The Cornishman

As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton

A hub of promise

IN 2003, someone came up with the idea of building a wave hub that would reduce Hayle's energy bills and create much-needed employment.

This week, 11 years on, The Cornishman reports on the latest saga, informing us that another £24 million is to be added to the £60 million already spent on this and that it has received great praise from the chairman of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Board, Chris Pomfret, who states what a marvellous and significant investment this will be for the Hayle beach – sorry, the Hayle Marine Renewable Business Park.

It was only two years ago that our local MP praised the wave hub and declared that it would generate 1,800 new jobs.

Well, I suppose the nine jobs of managing director, commercial director, head of operations, marine operations manager and the board of directors is not a bad start for the first £60 million, but now we have some more good news as we are informed that this additional £24 million will create a further 120 jobs, making nearly 2,000 in total.

This latest funding alone equates to spending £200,000 for every job created; that's if we get the 120 new positions, and the wave hub is not even owned by Hayle or Cornwall Council.

The companies which have signed up to connect to the wave hub are not local and come from Ireland, Finland and Australia.

How many real jobs would our own local establishments, such as Tempest Photography, Clatworthy's, Paradise Park, Flambards, Trevaskis Farm, Philps, Hampsons, Oates, Mount's Bay, the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company or even Cornwall Housing have created if given £1 million, never mind £84 million?

And the cheap electric – forget it. I'm certainly not holding my breath.