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As reported in The Cornishman/West Briton

I HAVE been somewhat puzzled and dejected by the lack of response in this letter column to the news that the Barclays branch at Newlyn will close on November 9.

I have not written to the paper on the subject until now because I do not even live in Newlyn and feel that the initiative should come from those who live in or neat the town, or have business there.

I simply attend a class in the town and use the bank because it is convenient.

Perhaps people feel resigned to the branch's loss because the decision has been taken at national level and they therefore conclude that closure is inevitable.

I very much beg to differ.

Much bigger battle have been won in the past, even against giant institutions like nationwide banks.  It needs letters to Barclays, hundreds of them , and there is still time for that.

I have, of course, written my own letter to the bank, objecting to the closure.

It is a crying shame that the last bank should disappear from Newlyn,, which still has a significant fishing industry and many other businesses.

Barclays' claim that customers can use the Penzance branch is more than somewhat disingenuous. 

That bank is at least a mile and a half away and parking is usually difficult.

It is simple one more sacrifice to the mad god of centralism.