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180201 | CNA2 (Hayle - St Ives) | Division maps - Cornwall Council

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England have announced that from 2021 Cornwall Council will have 87 Councillors. This is a reduction of 36 from the current 123. Work now begins on the development of proposals for the new electoral divisions. The Commission’s first consultation period on division patterns runs until 19 February 2018.



180101 | St Ives County Constituency proposed | Bounday Commission

Boundary Commission Proposals 2018

Due to the small electorate of the
existing St Ives constituency, we propose
that it is enlarged along the coast to
incorporate the entirety of St Ives Bay
and the town of Hayle, with which there
are close geographic and communication
links. Similarly, due to the small electorate
of the existing Camborne and Redruth
constituency, exacerbated by moving
Hayle to the proposed St Ives constituency,
we propose that it is also enlarged along
the south coast to incorporate the towns
of Falmouth and Penryn. Consequently,
our proposed name for the constituency
is Falmouth and Camborne.

171207 | Boundary Review Update | Hayle Town Council minutes

d) Boundary Review Update

The clerk distributed a map of the area with the proposed divisions as a summary of ideas from Councillor Pollard and what had been agreed at a recent informal meeting of the town council (see Appendix D).

[9.00pm Councillor Channon left the meeting.]  read more »

161004 | Notification of works – Gwinear Road Level Crossing – Remediation

Notification of works – Gwinear Road Level Crossing – Remediation

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This is to notify you of an upcoming project at Gwinear Road Level Crossing by Network Rail.  read more »

160912 | Parish Council Meeting – Minutes 12-Sept-2016 - Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council held on Monday 12th September 2016 at
the Parish Office, Unit 3 Bosprowal Business Units, Penhale Road, Carnhell Green, Camborne commencing at



N Bawden
T Homes
R Norman
M Roberts (Vice Chairman)
M Smith (Vice Chairman)
D Wilkins

A Burt
Mrs S Negus
L Pascoe
S Rowe (Chairman)
J Tovey

Others present  read more »

140909 | Parish Council Meeting – Minutes 110814 - Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council

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To view the minutes of the meeting of 11th August 2014 please click here minutes – 11 aug 14


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