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‘Dual it by 2030, make it safe now’ | A30 Ludgvan, Crowlas

‘Dual it by 2030, make it safe now’

In a strongly worded statement, Ludgvan Parish Council have called on Cornwall Council and Highways England to make immediate safety improvements to the busy stretch of road that goes through their villages, between the St Erth and Marazion roundabouts.

They have also called for a new dualled route for the A30 west of St Erth by the end of the decade.

After the work is completed on the Carland Cross to Chiverton section, the A30 will be dualled for 100 miles from the Roseworthy dip just west of Camborne up to the M5 junction at Exeter.

The stretch through Ludgvan will be the last bit of the road not to bypass villages, towns and built up areas.

Last year, agreed work to introduce a 30mph speed limit through Crowlas was put on hold while a new report into traffic in the village was launched and a couple of months ago, hopes that a major trunk road project to upgrade the A30 from Camborne to Penzance would be included in the latest Road Investment Strategy were dashed.

The Parish council has called upon Highways England and Cornwall Council to actively consider the following:

30MPH and 40MPH speed limits from Newtown to Rose-an-Grouse, with 30MPH through built up areas.

A solution to Crowlas Crossroads

Pedestrian crossings at Canonstown, Cockwells and Whitecross

The Parish Council also calls on Highways England to urgently consider the A30 from Camborne to Newtown with the aim of dualling the route throughout, bypassing more built up areas, such as those between the St Erth roundabout and the Newtown Roundabout.

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The Cornwall Councillor for Ludgvan, Simon Elliot, has backed the Parish Council’s call to make the safety measures now. He said

“In normal times, the A30 West of St Erth is unsafe for many residents of Ludgvan Parish in its current form, and residents understandably want safety improvements as quickly as possible.

With a reduction in traffic over the coming weeks and, potentially months, making these improvements now, for the safety of our residents, would seem to be a prudent measure.”

Cllr Simon Elliott (Con, Ludgvan)

The Ludgvan Council statement says.”It has long been accepted that the volume of traffic on the A30 between Rose-an-Grouse and Newtown has grown beyond that for which the current road was designed. Indeed, since the 1980s the idea of a bypass has been discussed”

“Whilst discussions were had, leading up until the 1990s, there is no firm concept of what a bypass would look like, in the eyes of the Government or Highways England.

Since then, Cornwall Council, has approved plans for 2,000 houses and additional businesses for the Penzance area as well as an industrial area off the St Erth roundabout.

The hearings listened to representations on traffic capacity and it was clear that improvements were needed by 2030.”

The statement goes on “Until this happens, the current situation on the A30 cannot continue. Traffic is too fast and pedestrians face difficulties crossing the road in several areas.

In addition, the Crowlas Crossroads are clearly unsafe and hamper access to the Rospeath Industrial Estate and Ludgvan Primary School, as well as homes and businesses beyond.

The Parish Council has no preferred route (for a new road), or decision of how this can be achieved, however the lives of those along the current route are blighted by the constant traffic, and jams in the summer.

Developments in Hayle, St Ives and Penzance will only make this worse.

What must happen, however, are safety improvements to the current route, and an urgent appraisal of the need for a new A30 route”

At the end of April local MP Derek Thomas said he was encouraged that a ‘united effort’ is underway.

Mr Thomas has been campaigning in vain since first being elected as an MP in 2015 both for improvements to the current A30 between St Erth and the Newtown roundabout as well as for the dualling of the A30 between Camborne and Penzance to include a bypass for Crowlas and its neighbouring communities.

Derek Thomas shows Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary at the time, plans for the dualling of the A30 on a visit in 2018

However, speaking after the latest of regular meetings he hosts with Highways England, Cornwall Council transport chiefs, local councillors and members of the Crowlas Bypass Now campaign group, Mr Thomas said he believed there was light at the end of the tunnel.

“It is very disappointing, if understandable when you look at the bigger picture, that West Cornwall seems to be the forgotten man when it comes to major road improvements,” he said.

“However, the positive news from this latest meeting is that we are all agreed on a plan of action.

“Regarding interim measures to improve road safety in Crowlas, the work to introduce the 30mph speed limit will go ahead and Highways England are trying to identify ways of getting it done this year.

“At the same time, we now have the 2019 report commissioned by Highways England which puts forward a range of options on how the negative effects of the traffic in Crowlas and Ludgvan can be reduced. The next step is to discuss these options and put together a package of measures for funding approval.

“With regard to the A30 from Camborne missing out on being included in the Road Investment Strategy, Highways England told us that it was a very close decision and that it should be near the top of the pile when it comes to deciding on the next round of major road projects”




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