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To provide a draft nature recovery network map for Cornwall that reflects the stated goals and ambition of the nature recovery network as outlined in HM Government 25 Year Environment Plan.The map brings together mapping of existing nature networks, connecting corridors and habitat opportunities to identify those areas of mainland Cornwall that are envisaged as part of a nature recovery network.



The UK Government’s 25-Year Environment Plan (Defra 2018) set out the ambition to
develop a growing and resilient network of land, water and sea that is richer in plants and
wildlife. The plan identifies the development of
nature recovery networks to deliver on
the recommendations from Professor Sir John Lawton’s report
1 that wildlife will require
more habitat; in better condition; in bigger patches that are more closely connected.
The network, including the identification of potential areas for restoration and creation, will
also act as a strategic framework for integrated planning and delivery of environmental
objectives (Nat Cap Committee 2017) such as greater public enjoyment, pollination, carbon
capture, water quality improvements and flood management. The concept of the nature
recovery network outlined in discussion documents (Defra 2019) is that existing protected
sites, which constitute our best areas for wildlife, should form the core of any network.
However, for nature to recover there is a need to extend and link these existing sites, both
to support wildlife and recover the range of economic and social benefits that nature
Nature recovery networks are envisaged as informing respective
local nature recovery
described in the UK Environment Bill (2020 part 6 sect 96-99) by providing key
elements specified within the bill. These elements include mapping areas of particular
biodiversity importance not under statutory protection (97.3.c) and mapping opportunities


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