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160105 | 70 new homes application divides Hayle residents | The Cornishman

    By CMKirsteSmith | Posted: January 05, 2016

    Photo by Graham Coad R & J Supplies | Photo by Graham Coad

    R&J Supplies

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    RESIDENTS are divided over a planning application that would see the demolition of an old warehouse in Hayle and 70 new homes built in its place.

    The plans, which have been submitted to Cornwall Council, propose to demolish the existing warehouse style building where R&J Supplies is currently located on Copper Terrace.

    Terry Kemmann-Lane, planning consultant for the development, said: "Currently R&J Supplies are continuing to trade, assuming we get permission they will then cease to trade at that address. We expect to have a decision from Cornwall Council by March 1."

    The application plans to build a mix of 70 flats and houses, which includes 67 flats and maisonettes and three houses. There will also be 99 on-sitre parking spaces as well as space for 70 bicycles.

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    As the planning application is within the Hayle Conservation area and is part of the town's history, the building, which would be knocked down previously belonged to The Cornish Copper Company and J&F Pool Engineering and dates back to World War One.

    Because of the history there will be measure put in place if the development goes ahead. If approved the development will keep and make the retaining Scoria wall at the back of the site, which is 6 metres high, visable.

    Also because it is possible to find remains of the Foundry below the ground the remains will be left or the development will be watched by an archaeologist.

    The application has divided the opinion of many residents with some liking the idea of the warehouse being demolishing for housing, whereas others want to see something else built instead.

    Hayle resident Sylvia Thomas said: "The warehouse has been an eyesore for many years with its dilapidated buildings and its roof space home for scores of seagulls in the spring and summer months; Hardly a good impression for the holiday trade that we rely on.

    "So I have no objections to the conversion into houses/flats but I am hoping that each property has adequate parking allocations. If not I would rather see less properties but with the appropriate number of parking spaces. The surrounding area is already a problem area with random parking. Prospect Place (the road behind R&J`s) in particular can be a nightmare to negotiate."

    On the Cornwall Council website Ben Cwilewicz objected to the development, he said: "I believe that three houses and 67! flats can be seen as nothing but over development. This is Hayle, there is no need for this density of development."

    Nicola Hurrell, who also lives in Hayle, said: "I heard it's being knocked down and houses are being build but I think that it should be something for the public to use like a bigger supermarket or an indoor swimming pool because in the past year quite few new houses have gone up in Hayle already.

    "I think it would be nice for that area to be built into something for the public to use as it's in the centre of town and would be ideal for an indoor leisure centre or a shopping mall or something like that. I think the public would appreciate that more than houses."

    Hayle Mayor Graham Coad said: "I think it's an interesting proposal and I look forward to examining it in detail."


R & J Supplies | Photo by Graham Coad